Take Her for a Spin (MtF Possession)

A woman is being possessed by her coworkers, but she thinks every unusual, sensual action is her own decision.

Tiffany overhears her tech bro coworkers discussing a new app they’ve made that sounds like some sort of mind control device, but of course that’s ridiculous. When Tiffany takes a day off from work it’s because she wants to, not because she’s being controlled. Ditto with slathering food all over herself in public and with exploring her body as if she’s never seen it before. And if she’s a little rougher and clumsier and messier with herself it’s only because she’s trying new things. The things she does that would normally embarrass her don’t phase her at all.

It’s a day for experimentation, for meeting up with her sister and some friends from the local community college who are also acting strangely. To experiment in the shower room, to hook up with a stranger, and then return to her own home to get to know her stepmom better.

This 10,000+ word story contains erotic solo, couple and lesbian scenes, and themes of male to female body possession. Take Her for a Spin is available on Smashwords or Amazon.

A lot of people stared at the sopping wet girl but I didn’t care. It felt like my self confidence was growing. My feet seemed to have a destination in mind because I made my way down a few blocks without thinking until I came upon ‘the shop’. ‘The shop’ was notorious in the neighborhood, a little sex shop that had opened up a few years ago and which was the cause of much neighborhood angst and a zoning law change to prevent any more from coming in. The mannequin in the front window wore the latest fashion, which apparently included a full leather outfit studded with silver rings and spikes.

I walked right in and up to the woman behind the counter. She paused slightly before speaking, taking in my appearance.

“Hi, can I help you?”

“Yep,” I chirped, “I’m looking for a bunch of lube and one of those vibrators that looks like a dick, you know?”

I didn’t even know what I’d wanted until I opened my mouth. It wasn’t something I thought I’d ever say but it seemed like the right thing to say today. The woman had probably heard even odder requests because she didn’t bat an eye.

“Right this way,” she said, leading me over to an impressive display.

I picked out a big purple one that vibrated and rotated and did about nine other things with three different speed settings. Then I picked out several tubes of lube and let her ring me up, throwing everything into an unmarked white bag. With that in hand, I practically skipped home, excited to look at my purchases a little closer. It was such a nice day! A great time to do stuff I normally wouldn’t do.

I returned to my little backyard home, glancing in the window of the main house fearfully for my mom as I hurried inside. Fortunately, she wasn’t there. I stopped in the kitchen, setting the bag on the counter before poking in the fridge and grabbing a carton of milk. I drank messily from the carton, letting the milk drip down my clothes. When I was sated I poured the rest over my head, laughing as it soaked my clothes and splashed onto the floor. It was fun to be messy for once! And, besides, it wasn’t like I could get any wetter.

In the fridge I found a plastic container of leftover spaghetti, which I popped open and crammed into my mouth, little caring that the sauce dripped down my chin and onto my clothes. I chewed messily, wiping the sauce across my face and then tossing the container onto the floor. It was my damn house, I could do anything I wanted.

I pulled out the cupboard drawers and dug through them, tossing things across the kitchen without a care. When I found a jar of peanut butter I opened it up and scooped handfuls out with my fingers, wiping the mess on my top. The bottle of honey I held up above my head and squeezed into my mouth letting it drip down my face and my neck until I was a sticky mess. When the bottle was empty and I was drenched with honey I tossed that bottle to the floor and wiped my mouth.

Finally full, I took the sex shop bag to my room. I stripped off my clothes and used them to wipe myself off before pushing the pee soaked covers aside and falling into the dry part of bed. I unboxed the dildo and put some batteries in, making sure to document it with plenty of pics I then uploaded to my social site. This is the new me, world! I put the camera aside and grabbed a tube of lube before gazing down at my naked body.

With my camera in one had, recording everything, I held the lube high above my chest and poured the slick substance over my breasts. Then I dropped the tube and massaged it in, rubbing the lube all over each tit, squeezing and fondling myself until I was a slick, shiny mess. I emptied three tubes of lube this way, watching as they pooled over my chest and into the sheets.

I tossed the phone aside so I could use both hands on my body, squirting lube all over myself and spreading it across my stomach, all down my legs, across my crotch and even between the crack of my ass. Getting so slippery was really starting to turn me on. Feeling my legs glide against each other, each crack of my ass so slick and wet was a nice feeling. I stared down at my body as I ran my hands over my chest, trying to grab giant handfuls of each tit but they slipped out of my grasp.

I let one hand glide down my tummy and over my mound, moaning softly as my fingers found my tender entrance, gliding up and down my slit. I stroked a little harder than usual, a little clumsier, but I chalked that up to the lube as my eager fingers slid inside. And suddenly I was touching my own wetness, fingers slipping through my velvety folds.

“So that’s what it feels like to have a pussy,” I said in awe, my fingers brushing up against my clit and sending a little tingle of warmth through me. “Oh, there it is,” I sighed. It was almost a zen experience, this slow appreciation for my own body.

Picking up the vibrator, I flicked it on low and let it rest against my clit. The vibrations were incredible and soon my entire body was buzzing with a low tension. I could feel my moisture growing and my legs flexed unconsciously as the pleasure spread through me. One hand held the vibrator up against my clit, the other returned to my breast to squeeze myself. I pressed the thick head of the vibrator harder against my waiting entrance, felt it slip between the lips of my pussy. I pushed harder, sighing as I opened for it, the head sinking in past my opening. I watched the thick dildo disappear inside me, pushing in gently but firmly as far as it would go, letting it rest up against my center, the throbbing sensations pouring through me.

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