Her: stories of body possession and theft

Her: stories of body possession and theft

Her: Stories of body possession and theft is now available on Smashwords. Three explicit, erotic tales of body swapping and body possession, as one person becomes another to explore their most intimate secrets. Stories in this collection include: Further Reflection A body hopper re-kindles an old flame, then hops inside her as a passenger to explore her life from the… Read more →

Just Visiting

Just Visiting

My latest collection of short stories is now available! It’s called Just Visiting: A Body Possession Story Collection. Get it now on Smashwords or Amazon! Featuring the following stories: Perfect Prom – A father mysteriously swaps bodies with his daughter’s best friend on the night of her prom and gets to live the night from her perspective. Slumber Party –… Read more →

Anonymous story payment

Hi M! I’ve been wanting to read your stories ever since you published “The Swapping Stone”, but I don’t know how to purchase them anonymously. All of the methods involve attaching some sort of payment method (naturally), which also entails entering personal details. Even prepaid credit cards require registration. Is there some way I could pay you without any of… Read more →

More f2f?

Hello BSF! I’ve been a long time fan of all of your captions and your published stories. While I do enjoy them all, I would just like to request a little more female representation for your swapping stories and scenarios. I love your F2F works, but most of your work is of the male perspective. Just saw your new stories… Read more →

Commissions update

Hi all, I’m changing the way I do commissions as I’m just not a big fan of the way fiverr handles some things. From now on I’m planning to do commissions via paypal. If you want a personalized story or caption email me at with as many details as you want to include (names, descriptions, locations, appearance, etc.). Stories will… Read more →


Do you have any plans to release your stories on Amazon UK? I don’t think it’s viable to order from the US store for me. Smashwords seems convenient but the Amazon exclusivity means waiting for new releases. Amazon releases across all their platforms. Here’s the UK link. They’ll go up on Smashwords after the exclusivity period, and Smashwords takes paypal… Read more →