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  1. My favourite is story’s like grandparents or parents possess there grand kids /kids and decided to keep there body forever. Or brother and sister swap then the brother enjoys the sisters body like imposter syndrome. I also like animal swaps like in the doghouse. I like mostly dark story’s.

  2. Unwanted/Forced body swaps, bonus for mind control story like ‘Controlled by the Bully’ , ‘Make Me’ are also good.

    A nerd and his mom forced to body swap by his bully and mind controlled to obey him makes me horny.

  3. I’m a big fan of all your stories, so it is not easy to choose only one type.

    In possession stories, my most favorite types are where the case that when the possessor takes over the body, the victim is still conscious inside, experiencing everything the possessor do, but when the possessor leaves, the victim has no memory of being possessed, thinks everything she did and said was of her own volition. It is even better if some of the things the possessor made the victim say appear to have been imprinted on the victim’s mind, altering the victim’s behavior.

    And also the stories where the longer the possessor is in the victim’s body, the more their thoughts and desires merge, and the possessor who is impressed by that experience decide to take over the victim’s mind and body forever are as good.

    In Transformation stories, my favorite types are the plots male protagonist who finds the items that temporarily transform himself into a gorgeous MILF, like pills in ‘The MILF Pill’, a cutting-edge technology bodysuit in ‘Natalie for a Night’, or magic ray gun in ‘All Dressed Up’, use them and exploring his new sexuality.

    And also the stories where the male protagonist who exploring his new sexuality finds out there are unexpected side effects – the more he uses the items, his mind slowly changed to suit his temporary MILF body – and tries to fix the problem at first, but soon acknowledges and accepts his changes are as good.

  4. I really enjoy the darker stories like Deviants, Driving her wild, Out of his mind and Student body. There’s something about the immorality of the body swap/ possession that really makes the story that much more enjoyable.

  5. My favorites are transformation into another person specifically (not transforming into gender-swapped self). I think my favorite of yours is still Forbidden Love, absolutely loved the transformations in it.

  6. I’m fan of plots where a rich girl is possessed permanently by a whore who enjoys her rich life for a while but then returns back to her old life as the girls family watch their one sweet daughter turns into a whore.(kinda dark ik)

  7. Possessions are nice (especially when there’s multiple people sharing control) but my secret favourite captions are always traitswap ones.

    1. Body part swaps are god tier, imo. Theres something about the writing of them on this site in particular that really make them somehow even better.

  8. Im a big fan of your unwanted/forced body swaps, bonus for mind control. Make Me is probably my favorite piece of erotica ever and I’m not even into mother/son that much. The Stranger series is also amazing.

    1. Agreed, I like that forced switching and loss of control sometimes. I wrote a full Stranger story but I didn’t like how it turned out. The backstory just wasn’t right. I’ll probably release it as a non-Stranger story at some point. I do plan to release an actual Stranger story but I want to get the mythos right.

  9. I do love bodyhoppers, but your Switching Campus story is one of my all time favorites. A bully or someone like who can switch other people’s bodies is hot! Also body part swapping is my favorite genre of all time, trait theft. Hope you can do a story about that in the future 🙂 Thanks for all you do.

    1. Consensual ones are good, too. My preferences bounce back and forth between them and really dark body thefts/ mind control. Depends on my mood.

  10. I really love “the stranger” stories! Haven’t found anyone else who does something like that so I really enjoy reading them when you make those captions!

  11. Accidental/unexpected Body Swaps and Possessions are my favorite, things like Potions or Slumber party where they didn’t expect it to work or Stuck inside/Global Switch where the people involved swap by accident or had nothing to do with the swap itself.

  12. My most favorite type are the possessions where the victim shares the possessor’s thoughts, either knowingly, like in Mind Meld, or unwittingly, like in One-Time Experiment and Waited So Long. Possession stories where the possessor leaves the victim’s mind altered afterwards are also good. Regular possessions where the victim is just unconscious during the possession or even permanently replaced just aren’t as good to me.
    After that, I also love partial swaps/tfs, like the Stranger or Role Exchanger, where people have to deal with new thoughts or body parts.
    Basically, I like stories where we have access to the victim’s perspective as it is altered.

  13. I’d love a “Mother of the Bride” continuation. Either her daughter or maybe the son in law when the daughter comes to her mom and tells her mom the problem in her marriage. She describes the son in law exactly like his wife use to be. Even though the son in law loves his wife’s assets, he doesn’t have the passion. So maybe he even gets caught staring at the mother in law when the mother in law already determined her next move.

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