Like mother like daughter

“God, mom, are you really going out like that?” Rachel asked.
Mary played with her daughter’s silky hair as she looked back at her through the mirror. Mary’s old dowdy body stood nervously in the doorway, her daughter inside.
“Honey,” Mary said, posing for herself by stepping lightly forward and watching the leopard-print dress rise up her daughter’s creamy thighs. “This is called being beautiful. I’m going to make quite the impression tonight.”
Mary was constantly trying to help out her daughter. She suggested clothing and makeup and other things to make her look beautiful. But Rachel was hopeless. Not at all interested in boys or anything her mother tried to steer her towards. Why couldn’t Rachel see that her mom knew what was best?
So Mary swapped bodies with her daughter. She said it was just for the day, and went off to buy a wardrobe fit for Rachel’s body. While at the mall she’d met a guy and wrangled a date. When she arrived back home she’d had a total makeover. Rachel had been stunned by the transformation.
“Can I have my body back soon?” Rachel asked.
“Soon, soon,” Mary said absently, posing in her lithe new form. God, the girl would just ruin everything Mary set up for her. It was much easier for Mary to run Rachel’s life when she was in Rachel’s body. It would just be one date.
And maybe a few days at school.
There was a dance on the weekend that Mary would have to attend in her daughter’s stead as well.
Youth really was wasted on the young. Well, Mary vowed to stay in her daughter’s body as long as it took to set her on the right path. Even if that was forever.

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