Young again (F2F)

Debbie felt old. Her husband had passed away several years ago and her children were grown and lived far away. 51 years and five children had taken a toll on her body. Things sagged that shouldn’t and things she had once taken for granted were gone. She was lonely and lately found her thoughts turning frequently to the things she’d do if she could somehow have a do-over and become young again. Try out a new life with a younger body. Such were her thoughts when she went to sleep one winter night.

The next morning she awoke groggily, dimly aware that something wasn’t right. A lot of somethings in fact. As she rubbed her eyes and pushed her hair back she caught movement out of the corner of her eye and looked up. Staring back at her was a gorgeous young woman with long, dark hair, beautifully flawless skin and a tight, young body.

“Who-?” she began before realizing that the woman was copying her every move, was in fact a mirror.

She looked down at herself. Her body had changed. The age spots and wrinkles were gone. Her hands and arms were young and tan. She sat upright in bed and stared down at her new body. Her full breasts swayed slightly and she squeezed them experimentally, amazed at their firmness. She stood up on her unfamiliar bed in her unfamiliar room and stared into the mirror that took up the entire closet wall, giddy with excitement.

Bethany Badertscher

She stood naked and looked her young and supple body up and down. Ran her hands over her sensitive, smooth skin. Her face delicate and clear with perfect sculpted eyebrows, full lips and cute upturned nose. Somehow her wish had come true, she was young again. She squeezed her firm ass and smiled. She was so intent on her exploration that she failed to notice the young man enter the room until he spoke.

“Hey, hon, you’re up early.”

Shocked, she turned around to face him, hands frozen on her ass. He was gorgeous in a rugged kind of way, his piercing blue eyes hungrily inspected Debbie’s new body. The bulge in his pants revealed his true desire. She smiled and turned to face him, showing off her wonderful fresh body. The whys and hows of this transformation could wait, her new body was full of energy and she wanted to try it out.

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