Amy had a problem. His name was David and he was married to Amy’s sister in law. The problem was she couldn’t stop thinking about him. His infectious laughter, his quirky sense of humor, his carefree yet somehow still sensible attitude. He was everything Amy’s husband wasn’t. The two would talk and meet up constantly, calls and texts flowing freely. David told her things he’d never told his wife and she confided her secrets to him. They shared deeply personal things, comforting things, sexual things. Amy sometimes heard David complain that his wife refused to give blow jobs and on one or two occasions he’d told her, half-jokingly-but-a-little-for-real, how he’d wish his wife would be more adventurous and try anal.

But neither one wanted to be the spark that blew up the family so their mutual attraction stayed secret, confined to whispered phone calls and fantasies during sex with their respective spouses. Then one day Amy gave David a body swap potion.

David drugged himself so his old body would stay asleep, then quaffed the potion. His head grew fuzzy and sleep overtook him.

Suddenly he was wide awake in an entirely different room, a drink in one hand. Amy’s living room, he knew it instantly. He looked down at his new body, slightly skinnier and much more conservatively dressed than his own. He lifted each foot one at a time, experimenting, awed and ecstatic that he was in this new body because now he could finally explore Amy’s body without fear.

She came into the room and as he smiled up at her her demeanor changed. She knew instantly it was David inside. She approached him slowly, sensually ran one hand up his pants. Physically he was no different than her husband. But mentally… she knew she could only feel this way if it was David.

Amy Request2

They stared deeply into each other’s eyes, neither speaking, neither wishing to break this moment in case it evaporated as a dream. Then slowly David leaned in to kiss. Their lips met and to Amy it was not like kissing David in her husband’s body, it was David. His gentle touch, his naked yearning. Tonight she would be his, would give herself utterly to him. That would be her gift.

She shrugged off her top, revealing her bare breasts as David stared in awe, his fantasies coming true with every extra glimpse of her fair skin and the body he’d so long dreamt of. His strange, new body began buzzing with expectation.

Amy unzipped his pants and reached one slender hand in to grab David’s borrowed cock. As she wrapped her fingers around it she found it stiffening in her hand. She bent close and kissed it tenderly. She didn’t think of it as her husband’s, to her it was David’s cock. She kissed around it teasing and stroking with one hand as it grew and pressed against her cheeks and her lips with a fiercely restrained urgency. Finally, when she sensed he could take it no longer she swallowed his cock, surprising herself at her willingness and ability to deep throat his familiar yet unfamiliar cock. He sighed and closed his eyes as she slowly glided her lips and her tongue up and down his shaft, loving every inch. She stared up into his face as she deep throated him, amazed at David’s familiar expressions playing across her husband’s face. She was enjoying this. Usually giving her husband a blow job was a chore but tonight it was her beginning.

Amy Request1


A pleasurable chill ran down her spine and her womanhood grew warm with want. Her head bobbed faster to the rhythm of his breathing. He opened his eyes and looked down at her, drinking her in, straining to remember every second of tonight, to make it last. Suddenly he was tumbling over the edge and he closed his eyes, tried to stop himself.

Amy felt his cock began to throb in her mouth and she clamped a hand around the shaft to stop it.

“Not yet” she whispered up at him.

With an effort he stopped himself, only a bit of pre-cum spurted from his cock, which Amy licked it up greedily.

She stood up, leaned close, and in a husky, lusty voice whispered, “I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

Amy had never done anal, never been interested but she would do it for David. She wanted it for David. Her pussy was growing moist at the thought of his cock between her tight, little cheeks.

She handed him the lube and stripped off her pants, then crawled onto the couch and wiggled her luscious ass in the air, inviting him, daring him to come in. She turned and watched him as he ripped off his body’s pants and lubed up his eager cock. His lust overcoming his unfamiliarity with his new body. With his other hand he ran his finger down her ripe cheeks, admiring them, claiming them as his own.

He slowly pressed the tip of his cock between her cheeks and up against her puckered hole. Amy closed her eyes and willed herself to relax at his gentle persistence. Slowly, inch by inch David pressed his new cock inside Amy’s ass. Checking his burning desire for caution as she accepted every inch of him.

Amy Request


Amy’s body was filled with a pleasurable pain as she took the cock into her ass. Felt the fullness inside her and the happiness feeling her body. With one free hand she played with her clit as her asshole wrapped around her husband’s cock which David slowly slid in and out, both bodies filling with tension and the beautiful expectation of release. God it hurt. God it felt so good. She gave herself to him and he filled her as they pumped in and out. Amy’s nimble fingers picking up the quickening rhythm of David’s thrusts. The thrust that grew harder and more pleasurable, forcing hard arcs of fulfilment up Amy’s spine.

Together they pulsed, back and forth, for what seemed like forever as their souls, if not their bodies, linked together for an eternity. Amy felt the cock inside her tense as they both reached the precipice. She wanted it. She needed it. And David thrust harder, slapping against her ass and gripping her buttox tighter as if to force his whole body inside her. Together they climbed until neither could hold and they both released together. David grunted and pushed deep as Amy felt her ass being filled with his hot yearning. Gasps escaped her as he filled her body with his lust and she clenched, taking it all in until he spasmed his last.

They stay there, still, for a moment as each recovered, their heavy breathing the only sound in the room. Finally, David slowly pulled his cock out and Amy turned around to meet his eyes. He leaned down and they kissed, each knowing it was over and hoping this would not be the only time.

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