You promised

Nathan suddenly found himself in a new house. Once again, Harry was in front of him, grinning like a shark.
Nathan reached up and felt the long silky hair falling down either side of his face. He felt his top stretch up his chest, the fabric catching on his sensitive nipples. He gasped – a delicate, airy sound – and looked down at the scantily-clad body he now possessed.
Long auburn hair fell down his shoulders. His tits thrust out from his chest, the nipples already spiked to attention. Below, his trim stomach was visible, and beneath that was a simple wrap that gave ample views of his long, pale legs.
“You promised you wouldn’t do this again!” Nathan scolded Harry.
Harry shrugged and pocketed the wand. “I found a good one I couldn’t just pass up.”
Nathan grumbled but didn’t really have a choice. Harry’s control wand pulled Nathan’s consciousness out of his own body – wherever he was – and put it into whoever the wand was aimed at. Nathan’s body would have collapsed somewhere, unconscious. The only way back to his body was to do what Harry said.
After having used the wand on Nathan, Harry had him at his mercy. Whenever he found a gorgeous woman he would swap Nathan into her body and make him do Harry’s bidding. This time was no different.
“What do you want?” Nathan asked, knowing the answer already.
“I want to ride that body and see those tits swing.”
Nathan had to play along, stroking and teasing Harry before finally letting him slip inside Nathan’s wet entrance, pumping into him from behind until Harry was satisfied and Nathan’s new cunt was full of his cum. Only then would Nathan be allowed to return to his body.

A man out for revenge swaps bodies with his ex-girlfriend and takes over her life in It’s a Steal, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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