Don’t want to go to school

“I don’t want to go to school,” Caleb complained, falling back on the bed. His huge breasts flopped down his chest. “The kids are all mean to me. Everyone makes fun of me. No one likes me.”
“But honey,” Liz said, “You have to go to school. You’re the principal!”
The Great Shift had cause worldwide chaos and swapped Caleb into the body of one of the senior girls at his high school. He was having a hard time adjusting to his new appearance. He’d lost all his gravitas and no one took him seriously.
The other staff in the office were years older than him now, as were some of the students. Plus, these teenage girl hormones were making him moody and despairing.
“Oooh, fine,” he moaned, sitting up and flipping the long hair out of his eyes. “But what do I wear?”
“Not that,” Liz replied, moving to the closet to try to find something appropriate from her wardrobe.
Liz remained unswapped and was getting exasperated at having to care for her young, feminine husband. She’d had to teach him all about his new anatomy, how to care for his body, how to dress it. Caleb had balked at doing makeup but Liz was sure she could convince him eventually.
He was a very traditional guy and didn’t that mean he would want to be a very traditional woman?
Caleb moped but put on the clothes Liz picked out for him like a dutiful young woman. Then he drove dolefully to school and tried to pretend everything was fine.

A man out for revenge swaps bodies with his ex-girlfriend and takes over her life in It’s a Steal, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. Great caption! , if your up for it I would love to see one where A college student is in fear bc his gf signed up for swap class and the matches she’ll be with are perverts. he promises to pay his best friend to sign up for swap class ( to swap with his gf and avoid her body being taken over by perverts. However, ironically his worst nightmare comes true. After coming up short on the money promised. The friend decideds he can get money through other more sultry/exhibitionist ways. Thanks!


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