Wrong side of bed

I woke up on the wrong side of bed. Literally. Turning around to see what happened I felt soft hair flip onto my face and something heavy shift on my chest. I threw the covers off with a gasp and gaped down at myself. I was in my wife's body!
Her heavy breasts swayed on my chest, her curvey body disappearing beneath the covers. Even as I shifted I could sense the absence between my legs and was aware of the pussy I now possessed. My gasp woke my wife, who also grew scared at the sight of her new body. My former cock lay against her thigh, impossibly huge from my new perspective. We both stared at ourselves. I touched my new tits, hefting them in a hand and letting them drop. God, it was still so sexy to see my wife's naked body, to be able to squeeze her heavy tits. A burst of warmth made itself known between my legs and I slid my hand down between my thigh, caressing my little pussy.
Judging by my wife's stiffening cock, I think she felt the same way about me.
Both of us curious and turned on, we explored each other from our new perspective. I showed her how to stroke my dick and she showed me how to finger herself. It wasn't long before I straddled my former body and welcomed the cock inside me, moaning as I lowered my plump body onto her dick, feeling the shaft slip through my opening and fill me. I rocked back and forth, hands on my tits, moaning in pleasure until we both came together.

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