Stop! 2

Vixen had been hounded by the mom who's body she was in for most of the day. It was like the woman didn't respect the principles of Exchange Island: As long as you didn't hurt your borrowed body there were basically no rules. Yet here this woman was, complaining about the way Vixen was walking around in a skimpy outfit.
"You've got great tits," Vixen complimented her, "People should see them."
That just enraged the woman more. Vixen thought she'd lost her by ducking into the crowded bar. She stayed there, hidden by the crush of people and flirting with a group of guys. Vixen's body was horny as hell, so Vixen brought the three guys back to her room and she was soon naked, riding two cocks and sucking on a third. This body felt so good being filled like this and, even though her ass had been tight, she'd managed to take a cock in it.
She was balanced between the three of them, her body quivering and on the edge of orgasm when the door burst open yet again and the woman came in. Vixen eyed her over the cock in her mouth, daring her to say something.
It was at that moment that the three cocks inside her pumped harder and came, and Vixen was soon too distracted by the wonderful wet heat filling her borrowed pussy, mouth and ass to worry much about anything else. She gulped the cum down and enjoyed the woman’s orgasm, her body throbbing as she luxuriated in her new pleasure.

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