What’s that?

The Role Exchanger had rolled through town, leaving chaos in its wake. Ashley and Emma were roommates who were each affected in different ways.
Ashley was a petite dirty-blonde who got their perverted neighbor’s short skirt and schoolgirl fetish. She came to enjoy dressing herself in minuscule outfits, each sluttier than the last, and prancing about the apartment playing out her new fetish and making herself wet. Ashley’s new outfits drove Emma crazy, because she’d gone through an even bigger change.
Emma hadn’t told her roommate what had happened, that she’d swapped genitals with her boyfriend and now had to hide a cock beneath her clothes. And maybe she got a crush on Ashley from someone else, because watching her prance around the apartment wearing almost nothing made her new cock hard as a rock. She would scuttle off to her bedroom and stroke herself until she came, imagining sinking herself into Ashley’s tight pussy until her (now ex-) boyfriend’s cum dripped down her slender fingers.
Things came to a head one day when Ashley discovered Emma’s secret, noticing the bulge for the first time.
“What’s that?” Ashley chirped.
“N-nothing,” Emma said, trying to turn away.
“Let me see, silly,” Ashley said, playing up her innocence. “I bet it’s yummy,” she licked her lips and giggled stupidly.
Emma couldn’t resist playing out the fantasy she’d imagined so much since the Role Exchanger. She threw off her pants and Ashley’s eyes went wide as she saw Emma’s cock. She dropped to the floor and began sucking seductively, cooing as she swallowed Emma’s new shaft, driving her lips up and down faster until she was rewarded with Emma’s creamy surprise.

A programming error led to an artificial super-intelligence fixating on pleasing Victor, and creates a device that allows it to possess anyone it wants. It uses it to put itself and Victor into a variety of different sexy bodies where they can explore all the pleasures of being women, while the women think every sensual thing they do is their own idea in Ghost in the Machine 2, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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