Two wishes each

Request: Hi, can you do a caption where me and my friend find a genie who gives me the first two wishes and the next two to my friend. I try to have the advantage and wish for him to turn into a bimbo and want nothing more than for me to experience pleasure, but it backfires and she wishes for us to have sex forever and then wishes to swap bodies since she thinks that I would experience maximum pleasure in her bimbo body

Jesse and Aaron found a lamp and rubbed it at the same time. Smoke poured from the end and a second later a genie boomed into existence in front of them. Jesse and Aaron both argued over who had rubbed the lamp first and, as a compromise, the genie agreed to give each of them two wishes.
Jesse went first, hoping to have the advantage.
“I wish that Aaron was a horny big-titted bimbo.”
The genie clicked his fingers and Aaron’s short dark hair bleached blonde and tumbled down his shoulders. His face softened, lips growing plump while his body shrank slightly, except for his chest, where two huge, bouncy breasts sprang. His outfit morphed too, becoming a sleeveless pink top. Aaron’s look of dumbfounded surprise fit neatly on his new face.
“Why?” He squeaked in his high-pitched voice, sounding every bit the dummy.
Jesse ignored him and made his second wish. “I wish Aaron wanted nothing more than for me to experience pleasure.”
Aaron dropped to his knees and scrabbled for Jesse’s pants, freeing his cock and sucking it expertly between his lips while yanking down his top to let Jesse fondle his breasts..
“And your wishes?” The genie said to the blond, who had her mouth full.
She drew her lips off Jesse’s cock long enough to squeak, “I wish I could give him infinite blowjobs.”
The genie snapped his fingers and Jesse was ecstatic until Aaron mumbled something else, her lips wrapped around his dick.
“What was that?” The genie asked.
Aaron popped his lips off Jesse’s cock. “This feels so good I know Jesse would love it, so I wish we swapped bodies.”
Jesse didn’t even have time to protest before the world flipped and he was on his knees in front of his old body. His only desire was to suck the cock in front of him. His mouth was watering as he wrapped his lips around his dick and began vigorously sucking. It felt amazing, even better when his friend soon came , filling Jesse’s mouth with creamy seed, which he swallowed down. Aaron instantly grew hard again and Jesse went right back at it, sucking off his friend forever.

A programming error led to an artificial super-intelligence fixating on pleasing Victor, and creates a device that allows it to possess anyone it wants. It uses it to put itself and Victor into a variety of different sexy bodies where they can explore all the pleasures of being women, while the women think every sensual thing they do is their own idea in Ghost in the Machine 2, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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  1. Can you make one where a bully steals the body of his victim’s girlfriend and uses it to torment him?

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