Used to be

Gus used to be a burly skinhead with a swastika tattooed on his chest. He considered himself a man’s man and believed wholeheartedly that women existed only to serve men and they should be completely obedient, only moving from the kitchen to the bedroom in service of their master.
The Great Shift changed everything.
Gus went from hanging out with his other skinhead pals on the street corner to suddenly being in someone’s apartment building. He seemed to be sitting on top of someone, his legs spread wide as something warm and alien plunged into him, seeming to spread him apart and yet feeling so incredibly good. Someone clutched his chest and, looking down, Gus discovered he had two enormous breasts. Even worse, as far as Gus was concerned, his skin was a light ebony. He’d turned into a black woman, the embodiment of everything he hated. His own hand was between his legs, but instead of the proud cock he used to sport, his fingers were sliding around the slippery lips of a pussy.
Gus’s body was tense and pleasant. just om the edge of orgasm. He found himself extremely turned on by being a black woman and being fucked hard by a man, as though his hatred for these things was a cover for the lust of which he was ashamed.
Gus came hard, crying out in his new feminine voice as his body shook around the cock inside him. He thrust his fingers hard against his slippery clit and stroked himself all the way through the orgasm, the man beneath pumping up and emptying hot cum into Gus’s new body. Getting rammed like this was exquisite, and Gus came again.
Over the next several months Gus came to enjoy his body, though he liked the sex rough and hard, as if punishing himself for liking what he’d spent a lifetime hating.

In this supersized standalone sequel to Stand-In, Adam brings a friend in on the secret of the bodysuit, and they have some fun as they live the wild lives of the two sexiest women on campus for a semester. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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