Imagine a certain well-known British doco narrator

[Camera pans across a tropical beach. A few people are dotted here and there.]
Narrator: Beaches. Pools. Palm trees swaying in the breeze. A normal island, or so it seems. In order to appreciate Swap Island, one must look closer at the individuals who inhabit it.
[CUT TO: A hot tub with three women in it. They all have large breasts and they’re touching each other, running their hands along each other, squeezing their tits and kissing.]
Narrator: In this hot tub are three grown women. Their large, firm breasts indicate they’re young and fertile. But these are no ordinary women. They are teenage men. As they stepped onto Swap Island they underwent a wonderful metamorphosis, their minds switching bodies with other passengers. While it appears these young men are enjoying each other’s bodies, they are also immensely turned on by their own. This is obvious in the way they cry out and throw their heads back and gasp.
[One of the women eases herself out of the tub, revealing her glistening pussy. The other two latch their mouths onto her tits, sucking on them until her nipples spike out. She throws her head back and moans.]
Narrator: Now the men are really enjoying their new bodies. They may not know exactly how to please each other yet, but they will learn. This one in the middle is well on his way to enjoying his first orgasm as a woman. Notice that his hand is between his legs, stroking himself, though he doesn’t quite know how to do it. His friends come to help, one of them lowering their face to lick up and down his pussy until he shudders and cums around her face. Then they will switch, each of them enjoying an orgasm. Others may hear their cries and come join in, all of them switching partners and eagerly enjoying their new forms. It’s all part of the wonderful ecosphere of planet Earth.

In this supersized standalone sequel to Stand-In, Adam brings a friend in on the secret of the bodysuit, and they have some fun as they live the wild lives of the two sexiest women on campus for a semester. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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