Zachary had only cast the spell because he suspected his mom was cheating on his dad and wanted some sort of proof. In retrospect, he should have been more specific with his magic.
He found himself suddenly on his knees in a stranger’s bedroom. A man stood in front of him, staring down at him while Zachary stared back up. He knew instantly the mistake he’d made, and realized that the magic had placed him inside his mom’s body. It was all the proof he could possibly want that she was having an affair.
Zachary could feel the man’s slick cock in one hand, while his mom’s breasts rested above his other arm. He could feel every inch of his mom’s body as she flicked her tongue across her lips, the salty taste of the man still in her mouth.
“Yummy,” his mom’s voice giggled from his new lips, before she lowered her mouth and began sucking his cock some more.
Zachary couldn’t control her. He was simply a passenger in her body as she gave the man an energetic blowjob. But, god, he could feel her growing horny and wet, could feel her tweaking her own nipples, could feel the absolute desire for the cock that she sucked with such vigor.
And when the man finally came, throbbing hot cum into Zachary’s mom’s mouth, Zachary could taste every drop as his mom swallowed eagerly.
The spell kept him trapped in her body as she lay back and the man dove between her legs. Zachary was forced to enjoy his mom fondling herself as the man licked her pussy, until the tremendous orgasm overpowered them both.
When he was finally freed from the spell, he knew there were things he could never unsee, and feelings he could never unfeel.

Mother Son Body Swap

A middle-aged man takes the place of his boss’s gorgeous daughter for a night in Natalie for a Night, on Smashwords and Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. Damm! Can you make part 2 of this where his mom have had divorce with Zachary’s dad and he tries the spell again to find his mom as wife of the stranger.

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