Okay in there?

“You okay in there, honey? I heard some noises.”
Liam paused and leaned against the cold tiles, his fingers resting on his girlfriend’s pussy. “Fine, mom. I just…slipped but I’m okay. Just going to take a bath now.”
He heard her walk down the hallway and breathed a sigh of relief before returning his attention back to his girlfriend’s body. He spread his legs again and slid his hands down to slide through the warm, wet folds that he’d enjoyed as a man and was enjoying even more thoroughly as a woman. It was such an amazingly erotic sight looking out through his girlfriend’s eyes, past her tiny breasts, down her trim stomach, to the pink folds between his legs. And the pleasure was unreal. It was the third orgasm that had made him cry out in a tiny voice and had alerted his girlfriend’s mom to his presence in the bathroom.
Liam and his girlfriend had been having sex when the FOSE happened, swapping them in to each other’s bodies. Neither of them wanted to admit to their parents that they’d been having sex, so they pretended to be each other for the rest of the day, hoping that a cure would be discovered soon.
As it turned out, Liam would have the rest of his life to enjoy his new body.

Girlfriend body swap

A middle-aged man takes the place of his boss’s gorgeous daughter for a night in Natalie for a Night, on Smashwords and Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. I know that you don’t have Children in your Universe.
    It will be crazy to be a Child during the Great Shift.
    I think that the FOSE should stay 18+ . This not a Medical website.

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