1. I think that I could get out of that situation.
    You may need to brake your ✋🏻 bones .
    Than search for a bedroom ,or a Laundry room, or a Bathroom ,or a Living room ,or a Library.
    You can use anything as underwear ; even Bathroom Paper ,or a News paper.
    Go to the closest Police station,or a Hospital. They can find your name.
    Find your new home ,or your new family. Live her life.

  2. jay finally awoke and knew almost immedatily that something was just very differn now oh oh oh my god what how is this even possible i’m i’m a woman now where am I all i can bazrely recall is i was walking down a very dark street when suddedly i was taken from behind by very poerful hands i struugled mightly but it was just no use i can recall being injected with some kind of very powerful drug and now here i am but where am i and why am i a woman now i’m i’m in a dress now with long slender cute pretty legs my whole body is now very differnt i’ve got breast now and my penis is long fgone i’ve got a pussy now!

  3. I wonder what the trap was for specifically? Why the need to swap bodies? These are the questions that keep me up at night! 😉

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