1. “… Patrick’s dad sniffed the air as his mom’s face took on her expression of ‘Yeah, right, tell me another fib, son’ and her voice intoned with suspicion, “Mm-hmm.” He wagged his manicured finger to beckon Patrick and said, “Why don’t you big, strong uh, ‘MEN’ get the rest of the groceries while I have a little mother-daughter chat with my SON!”

    One thing his dad had noticed very soon after his machine lost containment and swapped not only his wife and him, but their son and daughter as well, was her body’s heightened olfactory sense, which was detecting the unmistakable ‘scent-of-a-man’ on his very sexy daughter’s body. “What the hell are you thinking, Patty?!” he demanded as they entered his study.

    “Oh-Ghah, Dad! Please don’t call me that! And I… don’t know what you’re talking about,” replied Patrick as he stomped one of his sister’s feet to the floor in such a feminine manner that it surprised them both.

    “Don’t bullshit me, son! I can smell spunk all over your sister’s chest! And that had better be the ONLY place you got it! Who did you let pop Penny’s cherry?! And did you at least think to use protection?”

    “Nobody, dad! We didn’t even have sex like that! I j… just rubbed Sean’s… um… with my titties, and then you got home. Besides, it wouldn’t have been the first time Penny’s pussy got poke…”

    “WHAT?! You’ve already done it with that body befo…”

    “GHAH-DAD! NO!!! It was already like this when I got it! Do you think I’m – like – GAY?! I don’t know if she’s got a thing for Sean, or just cock in general, but it’s like I just couldn’t control how… excited this body got! And when I saw that he was getting turned-on by thi… by… me!? I wanted to feel it SO BAD! But, we didn’t go there! Honest, dad!”

    Patrick’s dad held his son in her arms to sooth the tears beginning to well-up in Penny’s eyes. “Shh-shush, baby. It’s all right. I can understand how you felt. You wouldn’t believe hot HOT I am for your mom with us this way. It’s like I cannot get enough of her co…”

    “GHAWD, DAD! T.M.I.!!!”

    “Oh, sorry, son. We’ll just have to do the best we can ’til I can fix the machine, which will take at least a month to get the parts I need. But, mark my words, son; If your sister’s monthly visitor doesn’t show up like it should, you’ll be handling the consequences of your actions with that body until your sister becomes an uncle… Patty!” …”

    Well, that’s one way things might go. Really hot piece, M!

  2. Very hot caption! lol – can think of a lot of naughty things Patrick might get into in that hot little body . . . to include a midnight sabotage of the body-swapping machine. Hehehe


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