Thrust into his mom

A muscular, ebony trainer finds her body being possessed in my latest story Hardbody, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. Sorry I story came out of my mind when reading you caption
    As Jeff now Jennifer, and Jennifer now Jeff down in the basement she was shocked coming down from her orgasm finding her self in her sons body fully dressed not ridding her husband nude watched in slow motion as Valve three broke off in his hand and the hold basement exploding in fire seeing it was already engulfed in smoke. The last thing Jennifer remembers is her son fucked up again with his machines he was not the mad scientist his dead father was. Upstairs Jeff now Jennifer coming off her orgasm realized the smoke detector were going off, she screamed OMG my son in the basement the two just finishing sex grabbed some basic cloths got to the basement got Jeff’s burnt and bused body out before the house went up in flames. The first time Jennifer woke she was in a hospital bandaged head to toe like a mummy. looking seeing her body 7 or 8 months pregnant which looked like twins, She passed out. The next time Jennifer woke was to her body talking to her. Sweetie you are in for a shock first my machine worked I switched bodies but not who I wanted I was trying for Robert seeing you loved him and not me or my dead father more, but something went terribly wrong. We switched I wanted Robert to burn and die and you would have never known and I would be Robert loving you and you loving me and the sex would have been a plus. I got Robert to get you out of the fire and saved your life but you were burned almost to death but the doctors saved you but had to fix you also. I got your body and thinking I was well past baby making age was not protected come to find out when we switched some of my youth came with me kick starting your female organs over the next months waiting by your bedside I found your body now my body pregnant and not just pregnant but I was having twins. The first time you woke was when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant. your heart went into shock seeing me and you went back in to a comma. The doctors told me and Robert you will live and to go home and take care of your sisters which we did I gave birth and now you have two, two year old sisters. Now for the second part, your new body my old body was so far burnt the doctors had a choice to let you live all burnt and scared or to use a new skin grafting technique, good news you will live a full and healthy life better new you will not be my old male self you see the skin grafting technique has to do with a placenta and seeing I had one with your sisters birth shortly after you went back into a comma the doctors used mine or your old bodies new placenta. Now there were some unknown side effects to using the placenta of a family member so close I.E. the same mother that birthed you and just giving birth to twin girls the estrogen was off the charts. The team of doctors were successful but then the side effects happened you are now a twenty year old fully functioning copy of your old body strange as it being we could be twin sister removed by 18yrs or now I registered you as my twenty year old daughter Janice but if you don’t like the name you can change it. My Mom now in a younger female body with my male bones as a base started to cry. Why are you crying Sweetie? can I call you mom it will be easier, Yes,
    First I never stopped loving your dead father or you, I just found new love in Robert. Secondly you were never as good with machines as your father, Thirdly I really did want to have more children but seeing I was older I gave up. Now both of our lives are changed, You are me and have Robert and twin girls and a sexy MIlf body. Stop right there young lady I just found out I am pregnant again now continue, I am in a young family body I can find a new man get married and start a new family over. So I guess this is a win for both of us. Well Janice it gets even better the military found my machine bought it for 3 billion dollars and made me and Robert sign a waver to never speak of it again you also have to sign now you are able. Janice looked at Jennifer and ask does Robert know? Yes he does and frankly it turned him on to know a 18yr old boy is in his mothers body and the sex just has gotten better.
    Sorry I story came out of my mind when reading you caption

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