Hardbody (M2F Body Theft) Preview

A muscular, ebony trainer finds her body being possessed in my latest story Hardbody, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview below.

Tina’s a personal trainer and she’s just beginning to build up her client list when she starts losing time. Little instances at first, a few minutes here and there. But then the stretches get longer and she finds that her body has been doing things during these blackout periods. Dirty things. Sexy things. Things she, herself, would never in a million years do.

Arriving home later that day, Tina dumped her stuff on the kitchen table. She was exhausted. What she wanted to do was drag her spent body to bed. What she did instead was head for the tiny gym she had set up in the bedroom. Nothing fancy – just some weights, some bands and a mat. She clicked her phone into the tripod she had set up and tried to shake off her tiredness. She allowed herself exactly one yawn and then turned to the camera. She had a schedule to keep and content to film.

Filming herself was still pretty new and she definitely hadn’t found her groove with it yet. But recently a client—who was on a month-long business trip—had asked her to demo a couple exercises over Skype… and Tina had started toying with the idea of offering some remote sessions, maybe some pre-recorded exercises that clients could do on their own at home. Basically, anything that might bolster the revenue stream a little.

So far, she’d only recorded a few videos, uploading them to YouTube to test the waters. Tonight she planned to try something a little different – a low impact 20-minute workout. Something quick and aerobic—using little or no equipment—that her clients could do on days they didn’t make it to the gym.

She set up the camera on the tiny tripod she’d purchased just for the this purpose. Getting down on the mat, she hit record and started to stretch, grabbing the soles of her feet and holding the pose, feeling the pull up her calf and into her thigh. Leaning forward, she deepened the stretch and…

Now this is more like it. Alone in what looks like Tina’s house, his hands on his slender feet, nose nearly pressed into his rich chocolate colored skin. He inhales deeply, smelling the wonderful spicy scent he associates with her. He glances up, sees Tina’s perfect face and glorious body reflected in the phone screen, the little red indicator showing she’s in the middle of recording a video. Perfect.

Hi guys,” he says, waving into the camera. “We’re going to have some fun today. A little workout and then a nice cool down.”

He drops to his back on the mat, enjoying the tautness of her body, the way she instantly responds to commands, the strength pulsing through her tiny frame. He does a few crunches before leaping to his feet and hurrying through some jumping jacks, each movement erratic and clunky not her usual smooth, fluid motion. He still doesn’t quite have the hang of her body. His balance is off, his sense of where his body is not yet complete. But still, he’s making himself warm and enjoying his newfound lightness and strength, and that’s what really matters. When Tina’s breath is rising and falling fast he pauses and takes in his appearance. Her ebony skin is shiny with sweat. He wipes his brow, lets his hand trail down his neck and across one perky breast. He releases a small sigh, tinged with eroticism.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit hot.” He says to the camera.

He grips her bra and peels it off over his head. Her heavy black breasts jiggle down. They’re perfectly formed, curvy and ripe, capped with light brown areolae. He tosses the bra aside, then rolls her shorts down her legs, followed by her panties, his fingers sliding across her skin, whispering over her taut calves. He kicks the clothes aside and runs her hands over her body in earnest, pinching and squeezing and gripping and tugging, enjoying every physical sensation of being her. Her skin is taut and warm, her body revved up and eager, a warmth already glowing between his thighs. His hands linger on her breasts. They feel heavy and full, just as he’s imagined. He pinches the tiny coffee colored nipples until they spike out in pleasure and he begins to grow moist, a wonderful quickening between his legs. His other hand slides between her thighs, fingers splaying over her pussy, spreading herself briefly – a quick flash of pink in ebony. His pussy lips are already unfolding, loosening even as the rest of his body tightens with a pleasant tension.

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