Therapist talk

Request: Loving your work so much! I’ve had this story idea where a couple, Alex and Kendall, go to a therapist to help their relationship and the therapist suggest trying to walk in the others shoe to understand them. The couple thinks it’s a metaphor and leave but wake up the next day in each others bodies with an incredible lust for each other and wanting to understand their new bodies

Alex and Kendall had been having marriage troubles and decided to see a therapist. After listening to each of them the therapist suggested they try to walk in each other’s shoes. thinking it was just some sort of therapist talk, they agreed.
“Then let it be so,” the therapist replied, cryptically.
They didn’t think anything off it and were ready to write her off as a quack until they woke up the next morning.
Kendall was on the wrong side of the bed. As she turned over her body felt wrong. Bigger and longer and more powerful. She froze halfway through her turn as she found her own body lying in bed next to her. Looking down at herself, Kendall found the smooth dark skin and lean body of her husband.
When Alex blinked his eyes open he was just as confused as Kendall.
“I guess this is what the therapist meant,” Kendall said with a wry smirk.
Maybe it was the magic but Kendall wasn’t panicking nearly as much as she thought she should have been, Instead, she felt an overwhelming lust for her former body.
Alex appeared to feel the same, because when she kissed him she didn’t resist, and when she rolled onto him he spread his legs and welcomed her inside his warm wet folds. Alex clutched her as they rocked slowly until he was gasping with desire and begging Kendall to fill him. She happily obliged.

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