Borrow your boobs

“Thanks for letting me borrow your boobs, Allie. Jason is going to love these!” Cassie said, squeezing her new assets.
“As long as you keep your end of the deal and let me have that rocking ass for MY date next week.” Allie retorted, smacking her friend’s backside.
Allie’s huge breasts wobbled on Cassie’s small frame. The hardest part was getting these new tits crammed into a dress. Fortunately, the two women had planned ahead and Cassie had a dress tailor-made for her temporarily transformed body. It was a fairly common request now that the technology existed to allow people to swap body parts.
Cassie knew that Jason had been ogling Allie’s breasts. Hell, everyone ogled them. They were huge and impossible to ignore. Now that Cassie had them on her own chest she had the best of both worlds. Jason could ogle them — and more — all he wanted. And Allie had also taught Cassie just how to touch them to make them sing with pleasure.
Allie tucked her new tits into her dress just as Jason arrived. When she greeted him at the door his eyes nearly popped out of his head. As Cassie turned and walked out the door Allie checked out Cassie’s tight ass. It would be all hers next week and she intended to enjoy every second. Allie had never tried anal and Cassie secretly planned to break her friend’s ass in.

A freak lightning strike swaps an old man into a young woman’s body where he’s forced to fake his way through her life in Do-Over, a super-sized story available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Bodyswapstories. Preview here.


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