Tell your wife thanks

"Don't step up on that stage," Mark growled.
"Shit, motherfucker, this is my body now and I'll do whatever the hell I want with it."
The bouncers moved in and blocked Mark's path to the stage. There was nothing he could do as the stripper in his wife began dancing for the raucous crowd, tossing off her dress and shaking her tits in strangers' faces as they slipped dollar bills into her G-string and leered at her.
It had taken Mark a few weeks after the Great Shift had swapped his wife into a stranger to track down her former body. Now he was appalled to see her shaking her ass onstage at a strip club, and even more appalled to watch her jump down and lead a group of men into one of the private rooms in the back after the song ended.
Mark bided his time, watching the bouncers until they took their eyes off him, at which point he sprang past them and ran down the hallway. Bursting open the door, he found his wife spread eagle on the couch, naked and surrounded by the group of guys, their cocks hard. One of them was already jamming his thick dick inside Mark's wife and she was moaning in pleasure, reaching for the other cocks as they were thrust towards her mouth, her tits, her face. Mark just had time to watch his wife's body start sucking one cock and jacking off two more when the bouncers grabbed him and threw him out of the club.
The last thing he heard before being tossed out was his wife's voice calling out, "Tell your wife thanks for the pussy. Definitely an ugrade!"

In the conclusion of Heist, the criminals remain stuck inside the bodies of a normal family, and now to cover their tracks they have to get their girlfriends to possess the bodies of three family friends who’ve figured out their secret. But it all goes wrong when they can’t resist exploring their incredible new forms. Heist (Part Two) is available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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