Heist (Part 2) – Body Possession

In the conclusion of Heist, the criminals remain stuck inside the bodies of a normal family, and now to cover their tracks they have to get their girlfriends to possess the bodies of three family friends who’ve figured out their secret. But it all goes wrong when they can’t resist exploring their incredible new forms. Heist (Part Two) is available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

The original family members are still conscious inside their bodies, forced to watch as the criminals wreak havoc with their lives, physically altering them and exploring every sensual sensation of their new bodies both alone and with each other. The leader of the gang, Ken, can barely keep his crew under control when it’s so much fun for them all to enjoy each other free of consequences.

And now the criminals have a new problem: some college friends of the family have figured out their secret. The only way for the criminals to ensure the students don’t talk is to steal their bodies, so Ken puts his girlfriend and her girls into these new bodies. Almost immediately, the girls begin wrecking their new lives in their attempts to wring every ounce of sexual pleasure out of their new bodies.

Now with three people in one body, will the captive students be able to overpower the criminals long enough to themselves before their lives can be upended completely? Or will they be forever stuck in their own minds, forced to watch their bodies live out the criminals’ most debauched fantasies?

This 11,000+ word story contains male to female, female to female, and female to male body possession, as well as explicit solo and couple scenes.

My body clung to Ken as he led me upstairs. Ken’s hands were all over me and we started kissing before we were even halfway down the hall.

Oh god, oh god, oh god, Ellie whimpered, both of us appalled.

Trixie kissed him back using my lips, and slipped my tongue into the older man’s mouth. My hands grabbed at his chest and Ken sucked on my tongue, pulling it into his mouth until it hurt. He bit my lower lip and I pulled away. He pushed me through the bedroom door and turned to lock it, laughing. I wiped my lip with a finger and it came away with blood. I felt my lips curl into a smile.

“You still like it rough, Trix?” Ken asked.

I nodded and wrapped myself around him. His hands were fierce, squeezing my ass and gliding up my waist to my tits. My body sank into him, kissing as I explored him with my hands. He yanked my top down and fought with my bra for a second before pushing me away.

“Get naked,” he growled.

I obliged, and soon I was standing naked in front of him. He leered at me.

“Give me a little show.”

I pouted for him and stuck my hand on one hip. Walking over to the bedroom closet I caught sight of myself in the mirror and came closer, eyes traveling up and down my naked body.

I’m so sorry I have to watch you do this, Isabelle, Ellie moaned.

I was speechless as my own hands plucked at my tender breasts. Tiffany’s dad slipped up behind me, wrapping one arm around my waist from behind, his other arm coming up to stroke my breasts. His cock pressed against my round butt, felt even through Ken’s pants. He was hard already.

“What do you think?” He whispered in my ear before biting my neck.

“Kind of — oh! – scrawny,” My voice purred, pausing to enjoy the pleasure that spiked through me along with the pain from Ken’s bite.

I caressed Ken’s hand as he gripped one of my tits hard, fingers squeezing my soft skin and driving a soft moan from my lips. Ken’s other hand slid down between my legs and his fingers entered me, sliding through my entrance and up against my velvety folds. His fingers were thick and insistent, plunging into me before I was ready and bringing with it the most exquisite pain bordering on pleasure.

She likes it rough, Ellie said, and I could hear the lust in her voice as Trixie’s desires overwhelmed us both. I’m sorry.

Despite the disgust of both of us in my head, my body responded to Trixie’s desires, pulling our minds along. I grew wet as TJ groped me, fingers sliding in and out of my entrance, dragging my dew along my folds. His teeth were insistent up and down my neck and he held me close to him, slowly humping me from behind. He wasn’t gentle. He took me as he wanted and Trixie gave my body to him, enjoying the mastery he had over her as he enjoyed my body.

Now his fingers circled inside me and I felt my waist pressing back against him, rising to meet the ecstasy every time he pressed on my swelling clit. Sighs escaped my lips and I raised my arms to wrap them around his neck, exposing my tits to his greedy hands as he continued kissing from behind. His hand moved back and forth along my tits, gripping hard, smacking lightly, until both my breasts were red and sore. But the pleasure was unbelievable.

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