Take your pants off

This caption was an experiment using AI. While the AI can write sentences that flow together, there’s no sense of any narrative, and the dialogue tends to get trapped going around in circles. And, as you would expect, it had a lot of problems with identifying character gender for these types of stories!

I ended up giving it a prompt, editing the resultant output, then generating more from there, editing again, etc. Had to do a lot of editing to get anything like a cohesive story, and even added a few extra sentences of my own. It was more work than just writing the entire caption myself and nowhere near as satisfying. Interesting experiment though. You be the judge…

"You put the potion in my coffee, you idiot!" Lewis shrieked.
"Uh, sorry, I guess I got confused," Bryan shrugged.
"Oh, you guess you got confused," Lewis mocked him, then looked down in revulsion at his transformed body. His perky breasts were tucked into a small top. His outfit left his arms bare and showed way too much skin. The red skirt clung to his supple ass and revealed his incredible long legs. And beneath the skirt he could feel the absence that he dreaded.
Lewis sighed. "Now what the fuck am I supposed to do in this body for the next 24 hours?" he demanded.
Bryan was flustered. "Well, uh, you're a woman now. You can go shopping, get your nails done, get your hair done--"
Lewis threw the drink at him. "This was supposed to transform that nerd. Not me!" He was looking down at his breasts again, covering them with his trembling hands. He closed his eyes as if he could make them go away by simply not looking at them.
"Lewis, it's not so bad." Bryan tried to be reasonable. "It's not like you're going to be in this body for the rest of your life. The potion will wear off in a day and you'll be back to normal...Unless you want to do something about it?"
Lewis' eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?" he demanded.
"Well, if you want to get rid of the potion, you have to have sex. That's the only way to break the spell."
Lewis' face broke into a grin. "I'll show you. I have no problem getting laid. I can have sex with any girl I want."
Bryan shook his head. "Not anymore you can't. You're a girl now."
Lewis grabbed Bryan by the shoulder. "Fine. Take your pants off, baby. I'm going to fuck you."

5 previously published erotic body swapping stories by M Wills in Body Switch Collection: Volume 10, available on Smashwords or Amazon.


  1. Who knows, may be Bryan lies to him. Actually doing sex in female body would make the spell permanent. So, that Bryan will get life time opportunity to fuck Lewis whenever he wants.

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