Swapped everything

Request: Would love to see a caption about a guy who wants to check out the women’s changing room and so asks his sister to swap their bodies. But upon getting there he realizes he’s totally unattracted to women in this body, and is now pining after the guys changing room. He ends up coming home disappointed and blows off steam by fantasizing about his guy friends he’s now attracted to.

Matt fantasized about being able to walk into the women’s changing room in the gym and watch everyone change. He became obsessed with the idea, masturbating to it every chance he got.
Matt knew his sister practiced magic and asked if she could swap their bodies. He made up some excuse for her that it was a sociology experiment of sorts. She agreed, and he soon found himself in her gorgeous form.
As soon as he could, he took off for the gym and went straight to the locker room. Beautiful women went in and out, changing right in front of them. All the tits and ass he’d imagined, and none of them self-conscious about their nudity in a room full of women. No one suspecting that he was a man.
Only, there was a problem. Matt wasn’t attracted to the women. He kept trying to ogle them but his body just wouldn’t respond. What the hell was happening?
Disappointed, Matt left the locker room to head home. On his way out of the gym he caught sight of a guy on a treadmill that sent a warm pulse through his body.
When he returned home he stripped his sister’s body naked and ogled her, feeling up her tits, running his hand around her ass and across the smooth groin. But even touching a hot woman didn’t turn him on. It was only when he imagined one of his friends that he felt that spike of warmth. Evidently, he’d swapped sexual orientation along with his sister.
Now he was too horny to stop, and he slipped a finger into his wet opening as he imagined one of his male friends, imagined being held in his strong arms, kissing his lips, gliding his fingers along the warm cock and welcoming it into his body.
That made him soaking wet and he soon came, body throbbing with lust as he fingered his sister’s body to an orgasm based on her desires.

A chaotic vampire mistress flees her lord by swapping bodies with a blacksmith’s apprentice, leaving him in her sexy undead body in Dark Lord Lord’s Mistress 1, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Part 1 of 4. Preview here.


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