Loosen up

“I can’t believe you’re even calling me after what you did,” I growled down the phone at my grandmother.
I’ll be honest, my grandmother was racist AF, which is why I tried to keep my Black girlfriend, Cassie, away from her. But grandma came over one day while we were eating dinner and was shocked as hell when she saw who I was dating. Grandma baited Cassie and the two of them got into a screaming match which somehow ended up with the police throwing Cassie in the back of the patrol car. I raced to collect money to try to post bail but then it was the weekend, meaning Cassie would have to stay in jail until Monday.
My grandma interrupted my tirade against her.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Joel, honey. It’s Cassie. I swapped bodies with your grandma.”
I had to ask her to repeat herself, sure she’d finally lost it. Maybe now I could commit her.
“I was holding on to this spell for the perfect moment. Now your grandma’s old white ass can stay in my young black ass for a weekend while I fuck up her life like she tried to do to me.”
It was honestly dizzying but she soon told me things only Cassie could know and we agreed to meet.
“Aren’t you – my grandma – at work right now?”
“Yeah, but fuck it. I don’t give a shit about this old bag’s life. I’m just gonna walk out.”
Cassie hung up the phone and did just that, showing up at my door about thirty minutes later.
“Your grandma’s really uptight. She could use some loosening up,” she grinned.

A chaotic vampire mistress flees her lord by swapping bodies with a blacksmith’s apprentice, leaving him in her sexy undead body in Dark Lord Lord’s Mistress 1, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Part 1 of 4. Preview here.


  1. I’m a bit confused, so the girlfriend was in the grandma’s body, and now the girlfriend is in the boyfriend’s body?

    1. The Black girlfriend swapped with the White grandma. So grandma is now in jail in the girlfriend’s body and the girlfriend is free in grandma’s body.

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