"Ok, class, change of plans," Ricky said, strolling into the classroom. He'd possessed his english teacher, Mrs. Needham, during lunch, running out to the nearby store for a few special items. She was such a bitch to him and he was going to get her fired.
"We're going to do a little personal lesson today."
Ricky pulled the dildo and lube that he'd recently bought out of his purse. He pulled a chair to the blackboard and, to stunned silence in the room, stuck the dildo on the chair, slathered it with lube, and hiked up his skirt. He gently sat on the dildo, grunting as he maneuvered it inside Mrs. Needham's tight asshole.
When it was all the way inside he wiggled his ass slowly back and forth. It was actually quite enjoyable, and he moaned as he rocked on the dildo.
He picked up some chalk and began writing "I am an ass whore" on the board. All the while he was rocking back and forth, pleasure rising through him. He was aware that the kids in the class had their phones out and were recording this. Mrs. Needham's life would be ruined.
Ricky smiled to himself and slid up and down the dildo faster, fucking his tight little hole until he came, a little cry spilling from his lips as he threw back his head, his body shaking with ecstasy.
The spell lapsed and Ricky found himself back in his greasy body. He ran back to the classroom in time to find Mrs. Needham struggling to free herself from the slippery dildo as the class stared.

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