Dean was disappointed to find himself in the body of some scrawny young guy. He'd come all the way to Exchange Island hoping for something more exciting. His disgust was somewhat alleviated by the sexy older woman in the room with him, who slunk up to him and put her hand over his pants seductively.
"I don't know who these people are but I'm horny as hell," she growled.
It turned out that the woman inside was a pornstar named Vixen Honey, and she had no qualms about hopping on Dean's new cock in her new body. She tossed her clothes aside and Dean's dick sprang up at the sight of her wonderful, swaying breasts.
In minutes she'd pushed him onto the bed and had lowered herself onto him, Dean's cock slipping into her warm, wet heat as he clutched at her magnificent tits. She rode him expertly, gripping his dick tight with her pussy several times to stop him from cumming so she could keep going.
They were interrupted by the sound of the door slamming open and a gasp from behind. Vixen turned around at the sound and Dean followed her glance. In the doorway was an old man and a younger woman.
"Stop!” The old man shouted, “Those are our bodies. We're mom and son."
Unfortunately, Dean's young cock didn't have enough control to stop and he found himself cumming, his cock throbbing into his body's mom, jetting hot cum into her perfect pussy as the strangers looked on in horror while Vixen could do nothing but moan in orgasm.

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