Stolen: A Body Theft Short Story Collection

My newest story collection Stolen: A Body Theft Short Story Collection is now available! Featuring male to female, female to female, and female to male stories. Something for everyone! Here’s a preview:

‘That’s the last of it,’ says Ryan, tossing a flattened cardboard box onto the pile in the living room.

Jennifer looks up from the corner where she’s unpacking the pictures.

‘Except for these,’ she says, motioning to the three boxes surrounding her.

‘Oh, well, yeah, except for those.’

Jennifer smiles sadly and continues cutting the bubble wrap off another picture frame. This whole scene is sort of emblematic of our marriage, she thinks. It’s not that Ryan’s a bad guy, he’s just…inattentive; off in his own little world sometimes. He’d been acting this way for a while. Jennifer shrugged it off at first but it nags at her, like a scratchy tag on the back of a shirt. Maybe it’s her; maybe she’s become predictable, boring. True, they still have good times together: vacations, nights out, and they were upwardly mobile. Hell, the living room of the apartment Jennifer is unpacking in is nearly bigger than the entire unit of their old place. But Jennifer worries that a fire has gone out, that Ryan doesn’t see her anymore; that she’s just part of the furniture, a ghost in he room.

Jennifer can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy when her friend, Heidi, confides in her all the amazing places Harrison, her latest beau, has taken her. They seem to still be in the middle of a whirlwind romance full of great sex and sudden surprises. But then, Harrison is a hedge fund manager with his own private plane; Ryan is an accountant with a Honda. A brand new one, but still. It’s safe, reliable. No surprises there. She loves Ryan, she does, but sometimes she wishes he was a little…spicier.

As if he can read her mind, Ryan comes over and wraps his arms around her from behind. She starts to shrug him off.

‘No, I’m sweaty!’ she laughs.

He kisses his way across her back, his breath hot against the nape of her neck, and that wonderful, familiar ache burns between her legs. She sighs and pulls back her shoulder length brunette hair as Ryan nibbles her neck gently.

‘I like you sweaty,’ he whispers, ‘I can make you a lot sweatier.’

As he takes her hand and leads her towards the mattress in the bedroom (the bed frame hasn’t arrived yet) she realizes he can still surprise her.

And yet, the thought still nags.

It’s Monday and the dishwasher still hasn’t arrived. Fortunately, Jennifer has already switched shifts at the hospital with Heidi this week so she’s free to stay home and wait while Ryan goes back to work. He appears from the bedroom, dressed in a plain, white shirt and blue tie. He gives Jennifer a peck on the cheek before heading out the door. Jennifer takes her coffee out to the balcony, her thick thighs swishing beneath her terry-cloth white robe. She relaxes for a bit, stretching her legs out underneath the table and wiggling her toes as she soaks in the morning sun. She tucks her wavy, brown hair behind one ear as she gazes out from her new view. This is the view that sold the apartment for her: the one of the fat strip of ocean visible above and between the large houses on the hill. The real estate agent swore that on a quiet night you could hear the ocean and Jennifer imagines she can hear it now.

The pleasant crash of waves lulling her to sleep is soon interrupted by a heavy knock at the door. Probably—hopefully—the guy installing the dishwasher. If she’s lucky maybe he’ll be in and out and she’ll have the rest of the day to herself.

She crosses to the front door and unbolts it. She looks up (and up) at the man at the door. He’s a large mountain of a man with gorgeous ebony skin. His UC Irvine t-shirt is stretched tight across the contours of his broad chest and each arm is bigger than Ryan’s thigh. He’s got a friendly, handsome face with a hint of a smile that promises anything you desire. Jennifer pauses fractionally to take him in (and there’s so much of him to take in) but recovers quickly.

He’s attractive, but in the end he’s just the maintenance worker, and affairs with the hired help is mostly the stuff of erotic novels, Jennifer thinks.

‘Hi, ma’am,’ he says in a bass voice that resonates deep within her, ‘I’m Spencer, I’ve got your dishwasher here.’

‘Hi,’ she says, polite but distant, ‘Come on in.’

He grips the box containing the dishwasher in his massive arms and easily carries it inside and sets in on the floor before grabbing his tools from the hallway and getting to work unpacking.

‘Nice place you’ve got here,’ he says, looking around.

‘Thanks,’ she replies, then adds a bit unnecessarily, ‘We just moved in.’

‘I would have guessed with all the boxes,’ he chuckles. Then: ‘That’s quite a view.’

His eyes are focussed out on the balcony just behind her but there’s something in his voice, or maybe it’s a subtle look in his eyes, but Jennifer swears he’s talking about her. Her robe is long and not particularly revealing, but nevertheless she folds it a little tighter over herself. He may be attractive but that doesn’t mean he can walk into her apartment and hit on her. At the same time she’s not quite sure that’s what he’s doing so she can’t really tell him off.

Jennifer sets her jaw and watches for a minute as he pulls out the dishwasher but feels useless. At any rate, she thinks perhaps she’d better change into something a little less comfortable. She heads to the bedroom and closes the door. As she’s searching through her drawers to find some clothes she can hear his muffled voice from the other room. It sounds like he’s talking on the phone.

‘Yeah…you’ll like her…you know me, just my type…ok…see you soon.’

Just as she grabs a pair of pants her whole body tingles, like when her foot’s gone to sleep, only like everything has gone to sleep. Then, just as suddenly it’s gone and she stands to put her pants on.

Or at least she tries to; her body doesn’t seem to be responding. She remains bent over the chest of drawers for a second as she tries to force her body to stand. When her body does finally stand Jennifer feels a strange sense of vertigo, like she’s disconnected from her body. Against her will she finds herself staring down at her hands, opening and closing her fists and turning them around to examine them.

‘Holy shit, it worked,’ she says. Only she didn’t say it. It’s like someone else is working her body, forcing the words out of her mouth.

As if on cue she finds her body moving across the room to the bathroom, step by step as she tries to fight it but to no avail. Her body flicks on the light and stares into the mirror.

‘Oh, whoa!’ she says as her fingers untie the sash on the robe and let it drop to the floor. Jennifer’s naked body is reflected in the mirror as whoever is inside her makes her pose, turning her this way and that to get a good look at Jennifer’s curvy form.

‘So you the new tenant, huh?’ Her body says, still turning.

What’s happening? Jennifer cries.

Her body leans over the sink, her pendulous breasts hanging beneath her as Jennifer stares into her own eyes and sees a stranger staring back.

‘I can hear you in there, you know,’ her body says, ‘I’m just borrowing your body for a bit. You got a lot of it, too! Bit of a tummy.’ She says, as her hands grab a bit of her small paunch.

‘Nice tits, though,’ her body adds, giving her tits a hard squeeze and causing Jennifer to cry out inside her own head in pain. It’s maddening, she can feel her hands squeezing her breasts while her eyes stare down and watch them jiggle, but she can’t stop herself.

‘And man,’ Jennifer’s body says, turning around and wiggling her little bubble butt, ‘White girl’s got an ass on her. Almost better than mine.’

Her body slaps her own ass; the flesh jiggles wonderfully and Jennifer cries out again in shock and anger.

What’s going on? Jennifer cries out again, though only within her own head because her body remains out of her control.

‘I’m Shona, well, I guess I’m…’ Jennifer can feel the body thief rifling through her thoughts, a slippery pulsing sensation until she finds what she wants. ‘I’m Jennifer now, huh? My boyfriend out there likes the big-bootied white girls. And I’m going to give him one.’

The body thief picks the robe off the floor and slips it back on, then adjusts the top so it falls open just so, revealing the beautiful slopes of Jennifer’s breasts. Jennifer finds her body walking back out to the kitchen, where Spencer is finishing his adjustment of the washing machine. Jennifer’s body sits on the kitchen island behind Spencer and crosses her legs. The marble is cold beneath her fat butt. The hem of her robe falls down to reveal her smooth, wide expanse of thigh.

Spencer is oblivious to his audience as he continues adjusting the height of the dishwasher under the counter.

‘How’s it going?’ Jennifer hears her body ask.

‘I’m almost done I–‘ he cuts himself off as he turns, still kneeling, and looks up at Jennifer so close to him on the counter but he recovers quickly. ‘Shona?’

Jennifer’s body nods, a grin spreading across her cute face.

‘That was quick, girl.’

‘And from here on, I thought we could take it slow,’ Jennifer hears herself say, then her body shifts position, uncurling one leg and placing it on the counter so the hem of her robe spreads apart and Spencer finds himself looking directly up it. The coarse pubes surrounding her slit are visible to him and he grins. Jennifer fights hard, screams, the body thief has violated her mind and now wants to violate her body. But she doesn’t stand a chance.

Spencer stands, towering over Jennifer. He’s huge and she’s terrified. She wants to run, cry, but instead her hands reach out against her will and caress his chest. She feels the muscles rippling beneath his shirt, and then he leans down and kisses her. Their lips lock together and she can feel his raw power as his large hands slip under her robe and caress her thigh. His hot touch glides up and down her legs, then up her waist and he flicks the robe apart. Jennifer’s body shrugs the robe off and it falls to the table, revealing her creamy breasts, naked for this stranger’s amusement.

Spencer takes one breast in each massive hand, they’re double D’s but they look small in his hands as his thick fingers gently squeeze and heft. For a large man he’s surprisingly gentle and Jennifer finds her body warming to his touch and her mind follows as a pleasant lightness spreads through her body. The body thief glides Jennifer’s hands over Spencer’s face, pulling him towards her as she opens her mouth and sucks in his fat tongue. She pulls his shirt off and throws it to the floor then, still kissing, she reaches down and unzips his pants by touch. His massive erection springs out, straining against his briefs. Jennifer can feel her hand reach inside and she tries to stop it but is overpowered as her hand is forced to wrap around Spencer’s solid cock. It feels so huge in her hand and as she pulls it out and looks down, she realizes it doesn’t just feel huge, it is huge.

The bulbous, black head peers out from between her grip and oh god Jennifer’s scared but at the same time she’s getting wet and she doesn’t know if it’s her or the woman in her body but she wants this man. She aches for this cock inside her.

Check out the rest here.


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