No, fuck you

Request: Hello i have been watching your stuff for a while and i was wondering you could do a one with me (brittney) and an asshole whos cheating on me david. Make it a revenge type of deal where i steal his body fuck him and make him call me daddy. After i make him pregnant and hes stuck as me forver. Thanks


  1. yes yes yes please don’t stop i want you i need you inside of me and my new pussy my breast are bouncing now i’m coming but as a girl now!

  2. Wow, I really enjoyed this one. Something about a woman turning the tables on a man and unexpectedly sticking him in a female body forever is just so hot!

    Also a fan of the idea of a guy being left to ponder his new predicament after having just had someone cum inside of him. The requesters idea of impregnating her former bf for revenge was hot as well. Well done!

  3. Wow – now that’s what I call a hot revenge fuck . . . I’m surprised that she made it forever. It makes me wonder if he didn’t plan it out from the start. lol


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