1. And, just think of how this must have happened for poor Bethany!


    Bethany looked into her bathroom mirror carefully applying her mascara, “I hope Jason likes how I look.” Then she pursed her lips, “The last time we went out I spent hours getting ready and all he wanted to do was take me to his place and fuck.”

    Then she felt something in her eye. I a few seconds she gave up trying to get the eyelash out and popped out both of her contacts and grabbed her glasses. “Screw it. Why worry about contacts, we’ll hit Murphy’s bar and grill. Jason will drink a pitcher of beer and a plate of wings. Then after the stupid game he’ll take me back to his place so we can fuck.”

    Bethany pulled her turquoise top on, and adjusted her breasts within until everything was smoothly in place. “If it wasn’t for his nine-inch cock, and his insane stamina, I’d dump him.” As she thought about Jason Bethany could feel her pulse start to race and a pleasant moist ache started to build between her legs.

    Using her dainty feminine fingers, she rubbed her clit for a moment enjoying the familiar sensations. “Oh, god, he’s such a great lover. I wonder how it feels as a man?” At this she closed her eyes trying to imagine how Jason must feel when he’s pounding into her. Then strangely as she slipped her panties to one side she thought of her smoke’n hot brother-in-law. “I bet he’s giving it to Barbra right now!”

    Suddenly a wave of dizziness swept over Bethany she felt like she’d been spun around and turned inside out. Gasping she fell forward. “W-What?” The room is dark and her body feels completely different. Powerful. Her heart races and she realizes that instead of a hot moist ache between her legs she’s got a piece of iron there.

    “Oh, god, don’t stop!”

    Bethany’s mind reels, the masculine sensations assaulting her female brain make it hard to think. The feelings of being connected to another person, intense sensation of her manhood buried balls-deep in a woman’s pussy, explodes through her brain. The animal need to thrust is over powering and she movies her hips feeling the strength of her back, gluts, and legs as she hammers her cock home grinding her pelvic bone into the woman’s clit.

    Bethany can feel the woman under her moving, lifting her hips to meet each thrust, her legs are draped over Bethany’s shoulders and then Bethany can feel through the slick friction of her carnal connection to this woman a ring of muscles squeezing, milking, her iron hard member. “Oh, fuck, yes!” Bethany growls in a deep voice. In the back of her mind she realizes she knows that voice.

    Then she feels her balls tighten up as she jackhammer’s into the luscious softness of the sexy creature under. Nails rake her back and then sink into her tight athletic masculine ass as the woman screams, “OhhhhhhGoooooddddd!” Bethany’s cock feels like it explodes. The power of her masculine orgasm rocks her and she drives her cock as far in as she can get it jetting her spunk deep into the woman’s womb.

    In a sweaty exhaustion she collapses forward feeling the soft pillows of her lover’s breasts against her rock hard body. “Oh, fuck, that was amazing!” she gasps. Rolling onto her back Bethany feels the uniquely male sensation of her member sliding out of her lover’s pussy with a soft pop. The unidentified woman kisses her cheek and whispers in a sultry voice that sounds oddly familiar, “That was great.” Then adds, “Oh, yuck, I’m leaking.” Then she moves off the bed toward the bathroom. Bethany slowly runs her large hands over her sculpted chest and then down to the still softening appendage between her legs. ‘What just happened?’ she wonders in stunned disbelief. ‘I-I’m a man?’

    “Hey, baby, wanna take a shower? I could use someone to wash my back.”

    The woman’s voice is suddenly familiar and in horror Bethany turns her head. In the light from the bathroom she sees her sister. Naked, hair tossed around wildly, and a sexy, pouty, freshly-fucked look on her face.

    Her new male body is already reacting and before Bethany can figure out what to say her sister has moved to the bed and grabbed her cock in one tiny hand. “Ohhh . . . I can see your almost ready for round two.” Then leading Bethany by her new unwanted appendage she pulled into the bathroom.

    Lol – Or something like that.

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