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Request: So my friend Claire (Red haired skinny white girl in highschool) and I (Nerdy Asian Boy in highschool) have been talking about body swap lately. She does not know about caption sites but I would like to surprise her with one. She is interested in body swapping but hesitant about it. If you could make a caption out of it that would be great!

Redhead woods


  1. Nice little caption, I also love that line, “I’ll show you yours if you show me mine.” That’s loaded with potential naughty behavior.


  2. Gihigihigggle~ “…show you yours…show me mine…”; That’s effin’ ‘illarious, M!!!
    (And a question for clarity’s sake. Is Alex making Claire’s sad pout that always makes him melt, or is Claire making Alex’s sad face that makes her melt?)

    I get the impression that the “showing” won’t quite do it for them. I can really imagine Claire trying to figure out whether the stiffening she feels in Alex’s shorts is merely the “muscle-memory” of his body reacting to seeing hers nude, or if she is the one getting turned-on at seeing her own body from the male perspective! It would seem that any escalation of their mutual “self-exploration” could be passed-off as a unique opportunity to engage in second-person-perspective “auto-erotica”!


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