Wyatt finished wiping the counter and tossed the rag into the sink. Finally, the whole house was clean and the rest of the day was his. If his wife was happy, she'd let him stay in her body, otherwise she'd swap them back.
And Wyatt was eager to stay in her body.
He scooted up onto the counter, his legs dangling against the dishwasher. Untying the back of his apron, he let it fall down and gazed at his wife's glorious breasts. They were wonderfully huge and heavy. He bobbled them in his hands, enjoying the heft of them, pinching and squeezing his fat nipples until they spiked out in pleasure.
He'd worn only an apron to clean the house, and had thrilled to the sway of his tits, the feel of the cool air on his naked back as he moved and scrubbed. Being in his wife's half-naked body as he made her move through the house kept him in a constant state of arousal, and now he could finally enjoy the release he'd been imagining for so long.
Wyatt grabbed his tits and pushed them up towards his lips. Leaning down, he was easily able to suck on each nipple, his tongue sliding over his skin as he tasted himself.
He was dripping wet now, and he would have to wipe the counter down again but that could wait. He slid his fingers into his aching wetness and stroked. The release came quickly, the orgasm bursting through him as he moaned and clutched a tit with his other hand, enjoying the velvety walls of his pussy as they contracted around his hand in orgasm.

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