Mom’s turn to scowl

Emma's jaw dropped when she watched her mom -- in Emma's body -- do a flip into the pool. She couldn't believe the crazy risks her mom was taking in her body, all to show off to the guys at the party.
Emma sipped from her bourbon and shook her head. This body swap was only supposed to last for a day and it had already been going on for five. Would her mom ever give Emma her body back?
Sure, it was nice not going to school. But being older was no fun. And carting around her mom's heavy breasts all day gave her serious neck ache. Yet there her mom was, enjoying Emma's life without a care in the world. Maybe Emma had been too nice and accomodating.
She'd seen the way some of her friends had stared at her mom's big tits. It was like she had this new sexual power over them just by virtue of being a mom. Well, if her mom wasn't going to give her body back, Emma would just have to have her own fun.
She set her drink down on the pool table and sauntered over to the group of teenage guys.
"Having fun, boys?" She asked.
They grinned and murmured their assent. When she asked for someone to help spread sunscreen on her back they all jostled for a chance to do it. As she urged the young hands on her back to move lower and towards the front so that they slid against her heavy breasts, Emma was glad to see her mom finally noticing her. Now it was her mom's turn to scowl as Emma made the most of her busty new body.

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  1. Hey big fan since 2016, can you start adding fart porn and eventually poop porn? I always knew you wuld eventually do it but I just want to speed along the process. Big gerthy wet farts are preferred. Also I think you should drop the whole body swap thing altogether because its yesterday’s news the hot new fetish is fart porn. and every one I’ve asked in real life agrees even my parents.

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