New life will be better

Robert knelt by his former body and felt for a heartbeat but couldn't find one. It seemed he'd gotten out of there just in time. Lucky this cute raven-haired woman had come along. His spirit had just managed to snag hers and slip into her body before he could dissipate.
It was such a relief being young and energetic again. Not to mention hot. He looked down at himself, admiring the breasts that disappeared beneath the white top. He was definitely going to have some fun with those.
No one else at the park had noticed anything unusual. With any luck, they would all assume his old body was just sleeping until well after Robert had disappeared.
He wondered what his name was now and where he lived.That was the good and the bad with these possessions: he had all his old memories but none from the body he was now in. Not that it really mattered, because Robert intended to change her life to fit his own.
He sat back on his plumper butt and ran a hand through his soft, dark hair. God, this was a sensual body. He wanted to touch himself right then and there but he forced himself to wait, instead making off with his old body's phone and wallet. Time to make sure his bank account was cleaned out. Then he had to pick up all those secret account details. No sense starting a new life broke.
His old life had been good, but with this killer body he was sure this new one would be even better. He laughed as he pranced away.

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