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Request: I was hoping you could do a caption where I steal my husbands body and start a secret affair with my best friend as him. If I could get her pregnant as him that would be an added bonus. Thank you!

It was an interesting social experiment to see how Kim's best friend, Amy, interacted with her when Kim was in her husband's body. The things she said and did took on a whole different meaning when she was a man.
Kim was bisexual, and had been attracted to Amy for a long time. But it was only when Kim found a spell that allowed her to swap into her husband's body that she was able to act on it. Wyatt was at home cleaning the house in her body while Kim was out at Amy's house having an affair.
"We shouldn't be doing this," Amy said, even as she took off her top and grabbed Kim's throbbing cock.
"I agree," Kim said, sliding her husband's hand down her best friend's leggings, her fingers grazing across Amy's wetness.
Amy sighed and put her hand on Kim's broad chest, already aroused at her closeness, her firm loving touch.
"But your wife--" Amy began, and Kim silenced her with a kiss, felt Amy melt into her and push her soft body closer against Kim's hard one.
Kim grabbed one of Amy's breasts as her tongue snaked into Amy's mouth, tasting her. The desire in her husband's body was so much more intense and concentrated than when in her own. It was focused on her cock, with the constant urge to thrust and push in. She needed to be surrounded by Amy's wet heat, and soon she was, bending Amy over the couch and slipping into her pussy as Amy cried out for more. Kim was only too happy to oblige.

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  1. A fun sequel might be that Kim’s husband wakes up in her body, very surprised at first but quickly finds out he loves it far more than his own (he mostly married Kim because of her hot body, even though he could tell that she was never really in love with him, and now he has her body all to himself…), so he (she) decides to run off with it and start a new life away from the unhappy marriage.

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