Relieve some stress

"Looks like you've made yourself right at home in my body," Aaron said as he sat on the bed. His tiny shorts pulled up to reveal his sister's wide thighs.
His sister, Maddy, paused, one hand still on her cock as she stared up at Aaron with wide eyes.
She released her dick and it bounced against her stomach.
The two siblings had switched bodies while on vacation, after touching a magical stone. They'd pretended to be each other all day, and Aaron needed to relieve some stress.
"Let me show you how it works."
Aaron grasped his former cock in his sister's slender hands and began pumping slowly, gliding her fingers gently up and down his former dick. As he leaned over, his breasts bounced down near Maddy's face and she gaped at them, grunting every now and then. Just like a guy.
"It's better with lube," Aaron said. Before Maddy could speak he leaned over and wrapped his sister's lips around his former cock and dragged his tongue down, down her solid shaft. He'd imagined sucking his own dick before, but never like this, and was surprised at the warmth, the wonderful hard-softness and the delicious taste on his tongue. The feel of his own cock gliding in and out of his mouth made him wet. He felt a hand on his tits and pulled his lips off to see his sister groping him.
"You can't have all the fun," Maddy grinned.
They shifted positions, Aaron on the bottom, his legs spread, as his sister slowly dipped her cock inside. He felt her pushing apart the walls of his cunt, filling him with her heat. It felt incredible and he reached down to stroke his clit, laughing as Maddy gazed, entranced at her own pussy, her cock already beginning to throb within him.

A demon continues his plan of body possession and body swapping to grow his powers in The Devil You Know (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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