Promised 3

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Part 2

You promised to be good to whoever was in your mom's body, and you were. But your ex-girlfriend (well, current girlfriend now) Lucy, was also good to you. She was especially good with your mom's lips and tongue and mouth. She drove your mom's lips down your shaft, staring up at you with your mom's eyes as she sucked your cock. When you exploded into her mouth she swallowed you all down, enjoying your taste.
People were talking about you, gossiping about your new relationship with the woman in your mom's body. You and Lucy decided you needed to move somewhere far away, where people didn't know your bodies were related, where you could just pretend to be a young man in love with an older woman.
On your last night in the house, her clothes still strewn about the floor, her suitcase half-packed, you couldn't control yourself. She was wearing her favorite red bra and fuck-me heels, just begging for it. So you took her on the floor, spreading your mom's legs wide and plunging into her heat as she brought her fingers down to stroke herself. Her tits bounced on her chest as you thrust in, again and again, driving deep and urging her cries higher and higher, until you both came together. Lucy quivered around your dick as you emptied yourself inside of her, driving deep and filling her with each burst of cum.

An alpha male is forcibly body swapped into a down-on-her-luck woman and trapped in her life in Whole New World, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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