Faked their way through

"This is so cool," Jeff said as he stared down at the body of Abby, his sister's best friend.
He hefted his breasts and then let them swing back down before running his hands down his tummy. He thrust out his hips so he could gaze at his pussy, lined by a light fuzz of coarse black hair, the delicate lips spreading open gently as he fondled himself.
Stop touching me, you little twerp, Abby growled at him in his mind. But she was stuck there, powerless to control her body, just as she'd been ever since they both touched the strange statue that morning, They'd panicked at first, and Jeff had tried to get out, but to no avail. So at last, consigned to their fate for now, he went through Abby's life, pretending to be her. He didn't have access to her memories so she had to help him out and together they faked their way through her day.
It had been so strange moving in her body, feeling his breasts bouncing, his hips swaying. Now, alone in her room, Jeff finally gave in to the impulse to explore himself that he'd been fighting all day.
"Look," Jeff said in her deliciously throaty voice, "I've been helping you all day. I need a little reward."
He stroked his little pussy gently, following the line of his slit up and down as his body warmed. He slipped inside himself, fingers grazing the silky folds for the first time. Abby's complaints were soon overwhelmed by the pleasure rolling through him, and his desire carried them both along to an intense orgasm.

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