Permanent vacation

A magic ray gun allows a young man to take over his mom’s body and try out her life in All Dressed Up, on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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  1. The hopper found abstinence hard in his new body with so many eager options available to “him”. After twice having “his” new rich body run off after a bit of fun he found the body juggling to get a new unfamiliar form to seduce the woman who stole “his” troublesome (even if it was fun). After “he” was finally back and had that nice, fat, rich cock hanging between “his” legs he realized he needed a partner, someone he could convince to enjoy the rich life in alternating bodies.

    After getting close to Francesca whose body was petite and snug “he” confided the plan with her, and she eagerly agreed. After a fun few years together enjoying their money and becoming experts at pleasuring each other, “Greg” was ready to move on. Francesca had one last request, that she get to be “Greg” and that her body be the one used to find a new life for the hopper.

    After one last romp, Francesca pulled the thick cock out of the body that had been hers for many years and then shared for a few for the last time and smiled at the complete satisfaction of being drained of cum that she would get to experience for the rest of her life.

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