Permanent dress up

Stefan didn’t want to admit, even to himself, why he loved Halloween. But every year this holiday allowed Stefan to act out his secret fantasy of becoming a woman for a night. People would indulge him in the spirit of dress-up and he could pretend without judgement that his wish had come true.

This time Stefan was going to go all out. He’d bought a dress that left nothing to the imagination, a fancy wig and some makeup and nail polish from an odd little shop at the mall. Stefan got dressed and then began to apply the nail polish. He dipped the tiny brush into the red polish and dabbed it onto his ring finger to test it. Immediately, his finger started tingling.

As Stefan watched the tip of his nail began to grow, then the tip of his finger tingled and thinned out. The change travelling down his finger and across his hand up to the other fingers, turning them feminine and slender. The change travelled slowly up his arm, a tingling, liquid feeling like his body was being stretched out and filled with water. The hair on his arm fell out and his muscles shrank uncomfortably, leaving his arm smooth and graceful. The fluid, shifting feeling picked up speed as it rounded his elbow past his shoulder, and split, travelling up his neck and down his chest at the same time. Stefan grabbed his chest and gasped as it expanded painfully, stretching his skin. Stefan saw the beginnings of two round, fleshy mounds push out from his chest before the pain overwhelmed him, his insides on fire, rearranging his organs as he gasped for air. The changes up his face were no better as muscles and bone shifted and shrank, thinning out his face and softening his features.

Meanwhile the changes continued down his waist and between his legs. Even in his pain Stefan felt his cock tingling and shrinking, he grappled for it under the costume dress with one unfamiliar hand, grunting in bewilderment as it became smaller and smaller, before disappearing from between his grasping fingers and from his body. For a brief moment he was left nearly sexless, like a Ken doll, before an opening appeared and his questing fingers accidentally slipped inside himself. Stefan sensed rather than felt his new folds and clit forming as his pussy expanded while the changes continued down his legs, reshaping his skeleton into a perfect feminine form. Hair fell down his face as he shut his eyes and writhed on the floor, until the last of his toes stopped tingling and the pain suddenly disappeared almost as if it were never there.

Stefan slowly stood, pushing his unfamiliar body of the floor as it jiggled and balanced in strange ways. When he was on his feet he stared into the mirror on the wall at the vision of loveliness he had become.


Stefan absently began rubbing his lower lip, but even this familiar gesture brought strange sensations. He stared at the gorgeous brunette in the mirror and  turned his head left and right, examining his new form. Breathlessly, he reached down to his large breasts and gave them an experimental squeeze. They hung heavy and firm beneath his fingers.

Stefan was scared, bewildered and…entranced. He stayed home that night, unable to come up with a way to explain what had happened to his friends, or anyone for that matter, half hoping he would change back in the morning. But he awoke the next morning in the same gorgeous body. And the next morning. And the next. Stefan realized very soon that he was a woman now, stuck in this body forever. Soon he’d have to figure out what to do about his old life and his new one. But before that, he wanted to get to know his body a little better.


Requests: can you please do one about an accident about nailpolish

Could you do a story were a man’s body slowly changes female, maybe its slightly painful too due to women’s different bone structure. Perhaps its caused by a bio-weapon or the unexpected effect of a experimental medication. Also can he just turn into a female version of himself rather than a bimbo, when that happens its always a turn off for me and kills the realism.



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