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Request: Love your work! Can you do a short story with pics of my girfriend finding out about my secret fantasy of becoming a woman and going out clubbing with the girls? She transforms me into a gorgeous young woman and helps me pick out an outfit. It would be really cool if she teased me about the fantasy too. Thanks!

2 Girls


  1. 1 more thing m I always wanted to be a hot girl and wanted just to be a hot girl with blonde hair and big bboobs smart and rich
    That’s what I would wish for if I had 3 wishes email me and what would u do if u had 3 wishes

  2. Also do a one were a boy is turned into a sluttyiest cheerleader and forced to suck every football players cocks and fuck them and she’s super horny also contact me at

  3. Hey I like your work I was thinking that you could do one were a boy named tristan Swaps bodies with a super hot blonde bimbo and his friend Nathan comes in and says it worked perfectly and Tristan’s mind becomes fuzzy and he has a huge desire to suck be strong cock and be fucked
    Anyways that’s it thanks

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