Parent trap 5

Henry kissed the back of Robert’s neck, sending shivers down his spine. Henry’s hands reached around to caress Robert’s tits as his cock rose against Robert’s backside. Robert gave himself in to the desire coursing through him and soon was naked on his back in bed, Lilly’s body stretched out below him. He gazed past his fabulous tits as Henry gently gripped his thighs and spread him apart, aiming his cock at Robert’s slick entrance.
It was Robert’s first time and he was nervous as he felt Henry’s cock slip into his pussy. His breath hitched in his throat as Henry sank in, spreading Robert apart. Robert gazed down in awe as he was filled, as the cock disappeared into his body and he felt it gliding up through his slick canal, filling him so perfectly. Robert raised his head to watch himself get fucked as he slid a hand between his legs and began stroking his clit.
The twin sensations made his body hum, and with each stroke of the cock inside him the delightful anticipation grew, making him wetter and more anxious for the release. Henry sped up and Robert’s tits bounced at each thrust as his fingers sped along his clit, his body racing to the apex until with a shuddering cry he came. His entire body twisted and shook as he filled with blissful relief, moaning out in Lilly’s voice as he came hard, Henry cumming with him, pumping him full of hot seed and stoking the fire in his belly.
The orgasm was tremendous and, even when it was over, Robert’s mind remained fuzzy and warm. God, was that what Lilly’s body was like every time? Robert could get used to this.

Two bodyhopping friends find two women who’ve been victims of previous hoppers and set about rebuilding their lives while having some fun along the way in Saving Grace, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Great series, love the premise when a guy is turned into a milf wife who has to please their husband

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