Parent trap 4

Robert could still taste Henry’s cum hours later as they both prepared for bed. Henry went to shower, leaving Robert alone. The magic still prevented Robert from telling Henry what had happened. It even prevented him from calling Lilly and begging for his body back. Only when he was alone could he relax.
In the bedroom, Robert peeled off Lilly’s outfit, revealing more and more of her body. He paused in just his stockings and turned to the mirror to face Lilly’s reflection. His gaze ran down his breasts, his hourglass figure, the swell of his hips. He could feel the way his padded butt jiggled, the silky hair falling down his skin, the bounce of his breasts. Lilly was a good looking woman, but Robert didn’t want to be her.
He fiddled with the emptiness between his legs, fingers brushing his thighs. he felt so awkward and his eyes kept coming back to his tits. He still had his attraction for women, only now he was one. Watching Lilly move and speak under his command was mesmerizing and kind of hot. He could make her do anything.
Slowly, he slid his fingers down between his legs and explored Lilly’s pussy, grazing the coarse hair between his legs. The arousal as a woman was similar enough that he knew what was happening. Though it wasn’t concentrated between his thighs. His whole body felt restless, warmth blossoming in unexpected places as he continued to probe at his silken folds.
His other hand came up to her breast, fingers wrapping around her supple skin. He’d always been into tits and now he had a pair for himself he could feel at any time.
“Ready for some more?” Henry’s voice spoke up suddenly from behind. making Robert jump.
Robert turned, blushing. “Um, I…”
But his protest was cut off as Henry dropped his towel and embraced Robert, crushing their warm, naked bodies together as his lips found Robert’s.

Two bodyhopping friends find two women who’ve been victims of previous hoppers and set about rebuilding their lives while having some fun along the way in Saving Grace, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Yessss give us one more where he blows his dad and then his dad breeds him giving him a new daughter/sister

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