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Request: A young man is always complaining to his mother about how frequently he and his wife fight, and the wife has even changed her mind on starting a family and no longer wants kids. The mom decides she would be a better wife and steals her daughter-in-law’s body

It wasn’t my first choice to take over my daughter-in-law’s body. She and my son seemed so happy at first but that all changed a few months ago.
My son began complaining to me that they fought a lot. I love that he still confides in me, still trusts his mom to do what’s best for him. So when he started saying how his wife had changed her mind about having children…well…I couldn’t let that stand.
So I stole her body. When my son came home that day I was ready for him. I dressed Sophie’s body in sexy lingerie and practically threw myself at him when he came through the door.
My son took me over the couch, throwing me down on all fours and sliding into me from behind. He was so rough and manly with my delicate new body. I put on the show my boy needed, begging for more, crying out in desire. He pumped into me, filling Sophie’s pussy with his hot, creamy seed.
I had to stay inside her to ensure she got pregnant. That meant throwing myself on my son whenever the need struck me. I soon had to reveal who I was, because I knew Sophie would come knocking in my body.
He took it very well. He’d always been a mother’s boy and having his mom inside his girlfriend fulfilled both of our desires. I had a young body and a handsome, virile man. He had a submissive wife who begged for his dick.
Soon I was pregnant and we moved away to start our new life.

Eric is stuck in his mom’s body and forced to do her chores for the day. Things only get worse for Eric when his dad comes home and accidentally activates the spell of obedience. How far will Eric be forced to go? Make Me (Chapter 2) is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Smashwords or Body Swap Stories.


  1. Wonderful! Followed a link here from Reddit, wasn’t aware there were things too spicy for Amazon, but I picked up a couple! Would love a tag heh, just for sorting purposes ‘cus I’m lazy 😂.

  2. Would like to see this story get a sequel. MIL to DIL theft is a theme not as often explored. Really good!

  3. Mmm I LOVE it!
    Even while reading I wasnt sure if the mom was going to stay in the DIL body, so glad she did. Very hot and naughty

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