Lift with his legs

Adam sat on the couch and rested his massive breasts on his knees. Nothing in his girlfriend’s mom’s wardrobe fit him. Even her stretchiest top wouldn’t fit over his impossibly enormous chest. His breasts ached, which was a sign that the milk would start flowing in minutes. He hefted his enormous tits in each hand, fingers splayed as he tried to massage the soreness out of them.
Adam supposed he should have been grateful that this was all that the Stranger did to him: swapped him into the body of his girlfriend’s mom and then made his breasts grow to massive proportions that required near-constant milking. Adam’s girlfriend’s mom, Tammy – in Adam’s body – and Adam’s girlfriend were joined at the groin. Tammy’s new cock was lodged deep inside her own daughter.and constantly hard. They had to learn to move about the house connected like that, pausing every now and then as Tammy’s cock grew hard inside her daughter and pumped sticky seed.
Adam was the only one of the three who had any chance of leaving the house for help. But not if he couldn’t find anything to wear. He cast about the room for anything that might fit.
Well…there were the sheets on the bed. Maybe he could fashion some sort of toga out of them. Adam stood with some effort, remembering to lift with his legs. His huge tits wobbled at each step as he slowly made his way to the bed. It was a long process stripping the sheets off, especially when he had to stop every few minutes to milk himself.

Eric is stuck in his mom’s body and forced to do her chores for the day. Things only get worse for Eric when his dad comes home and accidentally activates the spell of obedience. How far will Eric be forced to go? Make Me (Chapter 2) is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Smashwords or Body Swap Stories.


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