Older and Wiser 2

The woman’s name—his name now—was Hailey. She’d joined them in her apartment (after Mateo and “his” husband had gotten dressed) to try to figure out what happened. It took some time to convince Hailey’s husband, but eventually he let her inside. There was some awkwardness between Mateo and Hailey, as each knew exactly what the other had been doing at the time of the swap and they were still adjusting to their new bodies. Eventually, the TV news and various internet sites confirmed what had happened to a small number of people around the world. It seemed that the swap was caused when one person thought about another person as they were cumming. That was bashfully confirmed by a number of other people on the internet, some of whom had swapped into pornstars, others into friends, a few even swapped with another member of their family. So it looked like it was all Mateo’s fault that he’d been switched with Hailey. He didn’t admit this, but he guessed that Hailey had figured it out by the way she kept glancing at him.

About midnight they all agreed to get some sleep and meet up the next day. It was less awkward for Mateo to take his new body back to his own apartment (with some of Hailey’s clothes) than to spend the night with a stranger. Though it was probably awkward either way for Hailey’s husband. Would he be comfortable cuddling with Mateo’s ripped masculine body even if it did have his wife’s mind inside? Mateo tucked a robe around himself and went back downstairs, but not before sneaking one of Hailey’s dildos out of her bedside table. He didn’t know how long this whole thing would last but he intended to take full advantage of it.

Mateo’s new body jiggled in strange and exciting ways as he walked back to his own place. His long hair brushed against his shoulders and the night air felt much cooler on his sensitive skin. He was acutely aware of the bounce of his breasts at each step, and the smoothness between his thighs.

Mateo shut the door of his apartment behind him and went into his bedroom where he slipped out of the robe. Naked and alone with his body for the first time he looked down at Hailey’s beautiful form. The body he’d been lusting after was now his. He could feel it, taste it, touch it from the inside, make her move and do anything he wanted.

Mateo sat on the bed and pulled out the stolen dildo. He spread his legs and ran the solid toy across his slit, the ribs of the dildo bumping delightfully against his clit. His pussy slowly spread open to his touch and he sank the dildo deeper inside him, gently penetrating his moistening pussy. He angled the toy around, rubbing and pushing the dildo inside himself until he landed on a sensitive spot and moaned. After some experimenting, he was able to find the perfect angle to fuck his new body, staring down between his legs as he made Hailey’s slender hand push the toy in and out of his moistening cunt.


It wasn’t long before he was on the floor, pussy spread wide, head thrown back in ecstatic agony as he fucked himself hard. Listening to Hailey’s feminine moans from his own lips, watching down his busty body as pleasure roared through him, doubled and trebled the ecstasy. He cried out, shivering in delight as pleasure assailed him, filling every inch of his body and leaving him gasping for more.

Mateo continued plugging away at his new body until his legs were sore and he was sitting in a puddle of his own lust. He leaned back against the mirror and caught his breath. It wasn’t how he’d always imagined fucking her, but damn, it felt good.

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  1. Ohh this sounds sexy as hell. please continue this where he goes back to Hailey’s husband and has sex with him

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