Older and Wiser 1

Mateo had a crush on the woman in the apartment above him. He’d seen her around the building, smiled and chatted with her in front of the elevator, discretely ogled her as she bent over to empty her clothes from the washing machine in the laundry. She was probably somewhere in her early thirties, with gorgeous dark hair, amazingly long, smooth legs, cute feet with delicate toes, a thick ass that would be perfect for pinching and heavy breasts that were crying out to be suckled. He knew he should be attracted to women closer to his age, but all the young twenty-year-olds who were attracted to him were so immature and childish. Surely the woman upstairs would be into a fit Hispanic like him, with tight abs and strong arms that could hold her close, and a strong cock that could thrust in deep and satisfy her completely. The way she smiled at him when they met on the elevator every now and then sent a thrill through him.

On warm nights like this, when they both had their windows open, Mateo could sometimes hear her having sex with her husband. Tonight her rising moans seemed to be coming from the living room directly above Mateo. Her cries of lust were deep and lusciously throaty, penetrating into his ear and straight down into his cock, making it stand to attention instantly. There was no choice for it but to slide off his pants and imagine himself inside her warm, wet folds, pumping hard until he emptied himself into her curvy body. He ran his hand up and down his hard shaft, faster and faster, in time with her cries from above. He imagined her crying out for him.

Oh, yes, more, more!” she would say as he slammed into her.

Please! Don’t stop!” Her husky voice was so close.

Oh god, oh God!” Her voice spilled from Mateo’s lips.

Mateo opened his eyes in shock and found himself in a strange apartment. Mateo was looking down through a woman’s eyes at her naked body, his view framed by two enormous, heaving breasts. The man’s face was buried in Mateo’s new pussy and he watched with amazement at the pink folds of his pussy spreading open for the man’s tongue. Mateo didn’t have time to take anything else in because a surge of pleasure struck him and he cried out. The voice escaping from between his plump lips was higher pitched and feminine. Mateo was so unbelievably horny, he spread his legs wider for the man. The tension raced through him as the man masterfully played Mateo’s new body until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

The man quickly stood up and Mateo had a wave of disappointment mixed with relief. It didn’t last long, because the man flipped Mateo onto his side, ducked around and clutched Mateo from behind before hoisting Mateo’s smooth, thick leg in the air. Before Mateo could react, the man plunged the head of his cock hard and deep into Mateo’s delicate cunt.

Oh god, oh God!” Her voice spilled from Mateo’s lips.

All Mateo could do was cry out in pleasure as he watched the man fuck him hard, his tits bouncing on his chest with each thrust. The man slammed in and out, hard and fast, just as Mateo’s body needed it. Mateo was so wet and he could feel the man sinking deep, experienced a fullness he’d never felt before and his voice rose in pitch as he begged to be fucked, pleaded for the man to take him as he watched the cock thrust in and out of his dripping lips.

At last he felt the cock throb inside him and the man grunted into his ear, a deep primal groan that triggered a powerful orgasm through Mateo’s new form. He convulsed delightfully around the cock inside him, pressing his thick ass back into the man and urging the cock as deep inside him as it could go.

Eventually the throbbing stopped and the man pulled out, leaving a warm trail of cum across Mateo’s ass. When Mateo could think again he looked down at his fingers and recognized the distinct nail polish on his tiny hands. He was in the body of the hot woman above his apartment!

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