Not quite punished

Request: Hi, could you do one where a guy named Richard has a witch for a mom. And his sister gets his mom to turn him into a girl because he was teasing her about losing to him in a video game?

Follow the adventures of four people as they explore their new bodies after the Global Shift. Available on Smashwords, Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold. These are some of my favorite kinds of stories and I think you all will love them! Preview here.

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  1. oh my god mommy what have you just done to me i’m i’m a woman now just look at my new body oh my god i’ve i’ve got breast now and what’s this i’ve i’ve got a pussy bewteen my legs now i’m i’m all soft and feminine oh my god i love this i’m i’m going to play with my new body oh oh oh that just feels so good so right oh oh oh i’m i’m all wet now i just came oh oh oh my new breast feeel so good bouncing all around i’m i’m all girl now thank you mommy!

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